Casey Aldridge May Not Face Rape Charges

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If you’re 19 and your underage girlfriend tells the world she’s pregnant with your baby, some things might be thrown out there. Like maybe you facing ten years in jail for statutory rape. MSNBC reports:

California law makes a distinction in the weight of the crime charged, based on the age of the people involved. Because Aldridge is not more than three years older than Spears, getting her pregnant in California could be a misdemeanor under state law…In Louisiana, the state in which Spears said she plans to raise her baby, Aldridge is up for just one penalty, dependant on whether he is 18 or 19. If he is 18, no crime has been committed. If he is 19, however, Aldridge could be charged with a felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile. The maximum penalty for the felony could be up to 10 years in prison, with or without hard labor.”

However, defense attorney Jeffrey Steinberger says charges are probably unlikely:

Prosecutors look for “necessary intent,” Steinberger explained and because Aldridge and Spears are involved, attorneys are unlikely to go after the teen. Steinberger also noted that because both parties are under the age of 21, prosecutors are also likely to stay away from the case.”

Man, that wouldn’t be fair. Jamie Lynn gets a $1 million and a tax write off, Casey Aldridge gets the top bunk and a broom handle up his ass. But he shouldn’t be too sad, though. He’ll get all the rape he can handle in prison. And not with all the girl drama. It’ll be just like regular rape but you get to talk about sports afterwards.

Jamie Lynn and Casey apartment hunting in June 2007: