Tom Clancy’s The Division’s VGX Technology Demo Shows off Gorgeous Environments


Ubisoft unveiled The Division at E3 2013, much like Watch Dogs at E3 2012, but since this year's biggest video game conference details have been relatively scarce. Enter VGX and Geoff Keighley with a new Division tech trailer.

The Division uses Ubisoft's Snow Drop engine to create a fully realized city that reacts realistically two a day-night cycle and a variety of harsh weather. The Snow Drop trailer shows how the environment reacts to ice and snow, in addition to some other neat tricks.

Pay attention to the smoke and lighting. While we don't get see any of the action that might take place around the two tunnels with smoke billowing out, the graphics alone would distract me from the real mission. Look for the way the environment reacts to bullets and random gunfire, too. The glass delicately shatters with every shot fired.

The Division is still without a release date but you can probably expect it on Xbox One, PS4, and PC sometime in the next year.