NYCC 2013: Amazing X-Men & Marvel Universe Panel Report


If you were expecting the young X-Men from All-New X-Men to head back into the past after the end of the Battle of The Atom crossover… you’d better think again.

At the Amazing X-Men & Marvel Universe panel at NYCC, Marvel confirmed that not only will the younger X-Men founding members remain in the present, they will also be getting brand new costumes. The next major storyline will be a crossover with Guardians of the Galaxy called “The Trial of Jean Grey.”

As the name implies, the younger Jean Grey is kidnapped by aliens and put on trial for the crimes of the Phoenix. The All-New X-Men will team up with the Guardians to save her. Regular artists, Stuart Immonen and Sara Pichelli will stay on All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy respectively through the crossover. It was also revealed that X-23 is joining the cast of All-New X-Men.

Earlier today, word slipped that Peter David will be writing a new X-Factor title called All-New X-Factor that features Polaris, Gambit and Quicksilver as members of a corporate sponsored superhero team. David said that the company in question was called Serval, which is basically the Google of the Marvel Universe. David said that Serval is embarking into the world of superheroes much in the way that Google has branched out into various services. 

David also noted that Quicksilver and Polaris will deal with their knowledge that they are half-siblings. Two other members will be on the team and David promised that the series would be “very different” from the earlier X-Factor stories he was telling.

The two X-Force comic book series will soon collide in a crossover storyline called Vendetta; which will begin in January and take place in two issues each of Cable and X-Force by Dennis Hopeless and Sam Humphries’ Uncanny X-Force. The classic Rob Liefeld villain, Stryfe will be the driving force of that story.

The non-X-Men announcements of the panel revolved around Charles Soule, who talked up his upcoming She-Hulk series that draws on his own background as a lawyer. It was also revealed that Soule is bringing the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider into his Thunderbolts run. Soule noted that Blaze is brought into the team to solve a problem that only he can.

Further Marvel announcements will be made on tomorrow’s panels.


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