New ‘Doctor Who’ Animatic Scene Reveals Fate of The Ponds & Brian Williams

Spoilers ahead for “The Angels Take Manhattan”! Skip this story if you haven’t already seen that episode.

A few weeks ago, the story of Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvil) came to an end as both of them were trapped in the past by the Weeping Angels and forced to live out their lives without ever seeing the Doctor (Matt Smith) again.

Among “Doctor Who” fans, “The Angels Take Manhattan” was pretty  well received. However, several observers openly wondered about Rory’s dad, Brian Williams (Mark Williams); who encouraged the couple to keep traveling with the Doctor. Would he never learn the fate of his son or his daughter-in-law?

Apparently, this plot thread was not forgotten by the producers of “Doctor Who,” as Chris Chibnall wrote a scene that wrapped up Brian’s story that also offered up a glimpse at Amy and Rory’s life in the past. Unfortunately, the scene was never filmed.

However, BBC has released an animatic of the scene under the title “Doctor Who: P.S.;” with Darvil providing Rory’s voice-over as he says goodbye to his father for the last time. It’s a genuinely moving piece of writing and it should have been filmed and released.

But for now, it’s the best closure that we’re going to get. 


“Doctor Who” will return in 2013 for the remainder of its seventh season, in addition to the annual Christmas special on December 25, 2012.