George Perez on Power Girl’s Redesign Problems

Power Girl

Last week, we relayed to you the comments legendary comic creator George Perez made about his unpleasant working experience in writing Superman for DC's New 52 initiative, explaining that the creative decisions no longer rested with Editor-in-Chief Dan DiDio, but rather the suits over his head – and indecisive suits at that. At the Toronto Comic-Con, Perez added a little more on that, saying "They want it to be like Hollywood, and it’s becoming like Hollywood, in producing comics, and what you have is a corporate room deciding where things are going to go" and, more bitingly, "In the case of Superman they didn’t want a writer, they wanted a typewriter."

He also explained what the deal was with the redesign of Power Girl from his initial new look for her (above, left) and the one that was eventually published (above, right). As you can see, his first one was sleeker and more elegant, while the finished design is very busy and loud and kind of ugly.

Here are Perez's words on that:

In doing Worlds' Finest, everything’s still being decided at the last minute. They needed a design for Power Girl, they didn’t ask me.They finally gave me the design, they needed to get it out solicitations, got it drawn, got it coloured, got it printed in the solicitation, they called me a week later, we changed our mind on the Power Girl costumes, so now I have to do a patch on the first issue cover and for a mercenary, practical and financial point of view, I just lost the resale value on my artwork, because now the character’s not the same character that appears on the cover and they screwed me out of that, and I shouldn’t have to be thinking about that but you guys really have to make up your minds!


So, more reports of chaos and disorder behind the scenes of the New 52. Can the concept ride out the storm, or will The Trinity War give us the Old More Than 52 back in some form?