12 Geeky Marriage Proposals

Ah, geek love. Not only do nerd couples love each other, but they also share an insane passion for video games, comic books and/or zombies. Therefore, by my calculations, in order for the proposal to be a success, the shared passion must be tied into the proposal itself… or the marriage is doomed. Doomed! Here are 12 geeky marriage proposal videos:


Spider-Man Marriage Proposal

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, proposin’ marriage wherever he can…


Rube Goldberg Marriage Proposal Machine

At least he didn’t have to do the Truffle Shuffle to get married.


Nintendo 3DS Marriage Proposal

I dunno – that sets the bar pretty high.


Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal

What if – when that lady started singing – she just ran away screaming?


BioShock Marriage Proposal

Leave it to a gamer to respond with “f*** yeah!”


Star Wars Marriage Proposal

Better than the prequels.


Left 4 Dead 2 Marriage Proposal

In the future, all marriage proposals will be this.


Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal

*Sniff*… this is almost as good as the trailer for Iron Man.


Minecraft Wedding Proposal

The idea of marriage, brought to you by Jones Soda.


Captain America Wedding Proposal



Zombie Wedding Proposal

How romantic?


Comic Book Marriage Proposal



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