10 Funniest Star Wars Imperial Walkers

When the Empire strikes back, they do so with very tall, very cumbersome tanks. These Star Wars weapons have captured the imagination of the interwebs, resulting in an epic battle on the planet Photoshop. Check out these 10 funny Star Wars Imperial Walkers (aka AT-ATs):



Catch the rebels. Good boy! [via]



On the one hand, awesome. On the other hand, that precious bacon could have been eaten. [via]


VW Bus

You’ve got to free yourself from your mask and that evil old dude, man. [via]



Bet you’d feel worse about tripping them if you knew they were living creatures. [via]



Make way. Lumbering through. [via]



@_@ [via]



A smaller robot could pop out of the tape deck! [via]


School Bus

This is how to get attendance up. [via]


Ginger Bread

For the Emperor who has everything. [via]



It’s getting’ Hoth in here. [via]


Bonus: AT-AT Day Afternoon

Someone deserves a treat. *Feeds Walker Tiny Rebel*


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