Kristanna Loken, Eric Roberts and Dean Cain Heat Up ‘Burn Notice’

When Michael Westen and company return to USA in the fall, there are a trio of new faces awaiting them in the fifth season finale of "Burn Notice."

According to TVLine, Kristanna Loken, Eric Roberts and Dean Cain have been signed to play three key roles in the final "Burn Notice" of the season.

Loken's role may extend into the next season, as she portrays Rebecca, a young CIA agent described as a "hotshot… with counterterrorism experience" who is assigned to Michael's team. Roberts will play a man named Reed, an independent intelligence operative who actively recruits disgruntled spies and assets in order to sell their secrets to foreign governments opposed to the United States. Cain's character is Ryan, "a cocky and dangerous CIA officer" who is also called his own worst enemy.

All three performers have extensive genre experience and even comic book inspired roles on their resume. Loken is best known for playing the Terminatrix in "Terminator 3" as well as starring in the "Painkiller Jane" TV series loosely based on the comic book series of the sane name. Loken also starred in "BloodRayne" and she made guest appearances in "The L Word," "Pacific Blue" and "Sliders."

Modern audiences may best remember Roberts from his turn as mob boss, Sal Moroni in "The Dark Knight," along with roles in "Heroes," "Strange Frequency," vocal appearances in the "Spawn" and "Justice League" animated series among dozens of other projects. Roberts even portrayed The Master in the 1996 "Doctor Who" TV movie.

For anyone who grew up in the '90s, Cain is most identified for his duel role of Clark Kent and Superman on "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." Outside of his iconic role, Cain has appeared in several TV series, including "Smallville," "Las Vegas," "The Division" and "Fantasy Island." 

"Burn Notice" will return to USA on November 03 with the final six episodes of the season. The fifth season finale will air during December.