Christopher Titus: Neverlution Review


The World Premiere of “Christopher Titus: Neverlution,” debuts Sunday, July 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on COMEDY CENTRAL. I've seen it, and here is my review: 
Let me just start here by apologizing for all the lists of great comedians I have written for CraveOnline that did not contain Christopher Titus. After watching this, his latest Comedy Central special and digging back through the archives to everything else of his I have ever seen, I was a fool to forget this amazing comedic talent. You’ll see Titus on upcoming lists of comedians to watch.

Christopher Titus has very calmly stepped into the shoes George Carlin as one of the few comedians who really joke about things that matter. Carlin is perhaps the best comparison for this latest special as Titus takes aim more at society than at his own family. In fact I found almost every topic here a pleasant reminder of similar arguments made by Carlin in his heyday. From social responsibility to politics to drug use and child rearing.  Regardless of topic, every joke in the Titus arsenal remains powerful and personal. No comedian today has blended his own soul into every joke so effectively. It’s so human it’s off putting, but you laugh even harder.

This clip ought to give you a taste: 
Christopher Titus – Take America Back
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I wish half the people who give me trouble about “getting into the revolution” could appreciate the cold truth of this joke. I have enough trouble trying to get a bunch of folks together to eat pancakes let alone form the backbone of a revolution. Well told, Mr. Titus, Well told.

Not really depicted in this clip is the large screen behind Titus that will very occasionally show images to support his jokes. This is an interesting trend in comedy, or at least “big” comedy that suggests, rather frighteningly, that audiences can’t watch anything without a little video to back it up. I would say it’s used wholesomely here, but it’s an interesting choice. I am sure people were worried when comedians started bringing guitars on stage ,too. and that turned out ok. Oh… wait.

In the special, as Titus drifts from politics into being a father and child rearing in general, I am starting to see what he clearly identifies as “the root of the problem.” All these major issues including the world politics and the economic downfall could be remedied if we bothered to set a tone of responsibility early for our children. A comedian said that. I know you are thinking to yourself here that no matter how much you agree with that point there is NO WAY it could ever be funny. Well you’re wrong. Christopher Titus is the king of making the serious funny and he does it again right here in this special.

Of course this is a man famous for doing a special, as well as a several seasons of a TV show about his arguably abusive father. How could that be funny? He found a way. He’s done it again here with all the topics and he even leaves you feeling good about it all when its done.

I am reminded here of George Carlin again. Ever time I listen to Carlin I get that strange feeling that the apocalypse is coming, but I figure I’ll be laughing too hard to notice. Then I am left with a strange peace about the whole issue and a desire to drive things to a better place. Titus is treading similar ground. Good show, fellow smart comedians!

OK, here’s another clip! 
Christopher Titus – Terrorism Is Over
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Yep, he made fun of terrorism and you laughed. Comedy can go a long way from “Men and Women are Different” providing anybody cares to take it along.

Like the best of comedians who have something to say, he brings it to a fiery ending. I wish I could share with you here even a quarter of the last few minutes of this show. It’s some of the best, if highly rhetorical, comedy I have seen in a while. Then he goes and pokes holes in my fears by using that big screen behind him in a way I never thought possible, but that is so epic it hurts. A good ending to a good show.   Do yourself a favor and find the special on your On-Demand or Netflix service as soon as you can.

To Sum it All Up:

Christopher Titus has always been a unique player on the comedy chessboard. His is  smart comedy, for smart viewers, and it pulls no punches when it comes to subject, political affiliation, and depth. Compared to other comedy specials (and albums) this is one of the best in recent years, but more even when stacked against Titus’s own earlier works. There is a decidedly national focus here, with even references to his family, past and present, as footnotes in the larger narrative. It’s a new suit that fits Titus well, and I think you’ll appreciate the perspective with which he makes you laugh and think, then laugh, then think, then giggle about it again. The later you think about it, like in the shower, and two days later you laugh. Well, that was my reaction anyway, but I have a lot to laugh about in the shower.

And while I’m at it:

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