Woman Stopped By Police For Wearing Super Tiny Denim Shorts

Photo: Visivasnc (Getty)

If you’re looking for earth-shattering news you’ve come to the right article, and that’s because we are here to tell you that a woman from Newton-Le-Willows, Merseyside, has gone viral after news got out that police stopped her after local residents reached out to them to complain about her tiny shorts.

The woman, 25-year-old Abbie Crawford, had photos of her walking with those shorts on put on Facebook, and she of course blew up. Take a look at them below.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

While folks thought she was half-naked, Crawford thought it was hilarious, saying that she wore the shorts on purpose to gain attention. Here’s what she had to say:

“They’re my pulling shorts. I wear them when I crave attention – and obviously they never fail me. I think it’s hilarious my trusty shorts got that much attention. I’m originally from Portsmouth and people dress like that all of the time — no matter what the season.”

Crawford, a factory worker, reveals that she was running errands when the photos were taken. Cops advised her to wear more appropriate clothing, but also confirmed that no offenses were committed.

And if you’re interested in wearing these shorts you can get them at your local Topshop store.

h/t Daily Mail

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