WonderCon Cosplay Gallery 2016 – Day One

I was surprised at how much cosplay I saw on the first day of WonderCon in Los Angeles. Last time I went to WonderCon, it was a few years ago, in Anaheim (right next to Disneyland) and there wasn’t much going on by way of cosplay. But on the first day of the Con (Easter weekend, no less!) there was a wealth of awesome, unique, and skilled cosplayers strutting their stuff.

On the first day of WonderCon cosplay, I was probably most excited by Powdered Toast Man. I have never in my life seen anyone cosplay this Ren & Stimpy character. Points for originality go to the Star Wars family. Though it’s not a tough one to pull off, the Greendale Human Beings were hilariously terrifying. There were plenty of Nightmare Before Christmas characters – including a couple that hardly ever get cosplayed. The little kid dressed as BB8 almost made me want to have kids.

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I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s WonderCon cosplay has in store!

WonderCon Cosplay Gallery 2016 – Day One!

Top Photo: Alyse Wax / CraveOnline