Jimmy Fallon Has Insulted An Aussie Rap Treasure

Fallon Bangs

Alright, Fallonjust because you can actually eat Vegemite without throwing up now doesn’t give you the right to go around making fun of Australia’s other national treasures.

The Tonight Show host has taken aim at beloved Aussie rapper Ur Boy Bangs in a recent segment, in which he named and shamed some of the supposed “worst songs of all time”.

After mocking Veronica Unlimited’s disco dud What a Lousy Party, Fallon turned his tractor beam of ridicule upon Bang’s 2009 viral classic, Take U to Da Movies.

The funnyman played a few seconds of the “terrible” track before breaking down in laughter, and embarking on an intentionally unflattering impersonation of the Bangs’ rap gem.  

You think this is a motherfucking game, Fallon? Just because you missed out on dating Australian beauty Nicole Kidman a few years back, doesn’t mean you get to take it out on our boy Bangs.

Luckily for the Tonight Show host, Bangs wasn’t fazed by the skit, tweeting, “I know Jimmy Fallon making fun of me, but hey I got the attention tho.”

Let this be a lesson in forgiveness, Fallon. You might not be so fortunate next time. 

UPDATE 20/07/15: Ur Boy Bangz has fired back at Fallon with a brutal new diss track