National Treasure Hugh Jackman Shows Jimmy Fallon How To Properly Eat Vegemite


A week since The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon recoiled in horror after trying Australia’s favourite yeast extract, Vegemite, Aussie actor Hugh Jackman has taken it upon himself to prove that Fallon’s unpleasant first Vegemite experience was the result of him not following the correct Vegemite-consuming procedures.

As a guest on a recent episode of The Tonight Show, Jackman ran through the rules of Vegemite which most Aussies take for granted: Find the crappiest white bread you have, toast it lightly first thing in the morning, spread a thin layer of butter, let it melt, then cap it all off with a thin layer of Vegemite. Simple.

“You just didn’t eat it in the right way, man,” Jackman tells Fallon in the video, below. “Vegemite — it’s not like Nutella, you can’t scoop it on. It’s just refined, it’s just a little bit.”

After the pair finish preparing their Vegemite masterpieces, they toast their toast (pun intended) and dig in.

Compared to Fallon’s first taste of Vegemite, which he said tasted “like beef bouillon”, Jackman’s version goes down a treat. Fallon’s resident band The Roots even enjoy a bite, and drummer Questlove’s reaction is downright priceless.

Bon appétit.