Watch Darwin Deez Enter A Bizarre Video Game In The Clip For ‘Kill Your Attitude’


Indie-pop master Darwin Deez has become the subject of a Sims meets Call Of Duty-style computer game for his latest music video for Kill Your Attitude.

The video tracks a rather unconventional day for Deez as he’s nearly shot at to get out of bed and then finds himself tied to a tree. He’s later enlarged into a supersize human being as he plays guitar in a burning city. At the end it looks like Deez is actually playing the game himself in a giant spaceship – as you do.

It’s the same kind of kookiness that we’ve come to expect from Deez who’s gearing up to release his third LP Double Down in September. The album is his first since 2013’s Songs For Imaginative People and Kill Your Attitude is the first single to come from it.

Double Down is said to draw from a number of inspirations including The Beatles and Nietzsche. “Nietzsche said tragedy involved a balance of Dionysian (passionate) and Apollonian (well-formed) aspects which is very relevant to me. I find McCartney’s lighter ditties to be the Apollonian element of The Beatles, whilst Lennon brought the Dionysian aspect through deep and meaningful songs,” Deez said of the record. “That’s the magically balanced formula I’m aiming for.”

Check out the tracklist for the album below.

Darwin Deez – Double Down

1. Last Cigarette

2. The Mess She Made

3. Lover

4. Time Machine

5. Bag Of Tricks

6. Rated R

7.Melange Mining Co.

8. Kill Your Attitude

9. The Other Side

10. Right When It Rains

11. The Missing I Wanna Do