Jason Biggs Is Hilarious, You Guys LOL

Jason Biggs Malaysian Airlines


When a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 is shot down by Russian rebels, effectively killing everyone on board including 80 children, it’s the perfect time to increase your Klout score by seeing how many RTs you can get by firing off a dumbass tweet. You can always count on Jason Biggs to do that.

Following the shocking and tragic plane crash in Ukraine yesterday, Jason Biggs’ Malaysia Airlines Tweet became a national story in and of itself. The actor jokingly asked if anyone wants to buy his Malaysia Airlines frequent flier miles, then got all sorts of fired up when people look offense. Not only did the 36-year-old make it clear he wasn’t sorry for joking about the Ukraine plane crash, he slammed Twitter users who took him to task for it. He’s doing a complete 180 now though, taking the joke down and apologizing. “Hey all – ok, so – I am deleting my previous tweets. People were offended, and that was not my intent. Sorry to those of you that were,” he writes. “This is obviously a horrible tragedy, and everyone – including myself – is sad and angry.  No doubt realizing how surprising and abrupt his reversal sounds, Biggs goes on: “P.S. No one is making me send these tweets – I simply understand that my comments might have come off as insensitive and ill-timed. For that, I apologize.” Jason added, “Sending positive thoughts to the victims and their families.”

Jason Biggs and his wife are in a lot of shit movies, but OMG they are Twitter famous. Which is one step up from being Vine famous. He tweets stupid, borderline racist shit in the name of “comedy” all the time (Jenny Johnson has that part on lock) ,  but cue the irony: he gets offended when people get offended. You’d think people who just had a baby would be less horrific human beings, but I guess you have to stay relevant somehow. He’s now apologizing, not because he wants to, but because enough people called him a douche. With Anthony Cumia and now this, it’s like privileged white guys who are unable to see the world outside their our bubble can’t say whatever the hell they want without consequences. What would our Founding Fathers think? They didn’t write “all men are created equal” before going to whip their slaves for this.