Aaron Hernandez Killed Those Two Dudes in 2012 Because They Spilled His Drink

Aaron Hernandez


Aaron Hernandez leads all NFL tight ends in overreactions.

Aaron Hernandez was arraigned today for the drive-by murders of Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado outside a Boston club in July 2012. He pleaded not guilty, and for the first time, the prosecution offered a suspected motive: disrespect. According to the D.A., Abreu accidentally bumped into Hernandez, spilling a drink, and did not apologize. This infuriated Hernandez, who according to the prosecution felt he had been increasingly disrespected at clubs. Surveillance video captured Hernandez angrily pacing outside the club before the victims left. The victims had no idea Hernandez was angry at them, let alone that he was following them when they left the club. According to the prosecution, Hernandez pulled up alongside their car at a stop light, said "Yo, what's up now, [racial slur]?" and fired at least five shots.

Damn, homey. Stalking someone and shooting them at point blank range seems like a perfectly sane response to someone accidentally bumping into you in a crowded club. You signed a 5-year extension with the Patriots that included the largest signing bonus ever given to a tight end in NFL history the month before, so why not kill two people because they didn't apologize? Money isn't everything. You deserve respect. But I'm not sure how much you're gonna get in America, bro. You had a bunch of guns, but you only managed to kill like what, three people total? What's up with that? Kinda amateur. Sorry.