Lil Za Is A Criminal Mastermind

Lil Za


Although it was initially reported as cocaine, rapper(?) Lil Za was arrested at Justin Bieber's house while authortities were there to investigate that whole egging thing for having molly in plain view of police. Because when the police raid your house, you always want to be hospitable and polite and offer them illegal drugs. TMZ reports:

Police now believe it's probably NOT cocaine, but Molly … a form of ecstasy. Justin Bieber's BFF Lil Za has just been arrested for COCAINE POSSESSION at the singer's home — during the early morning raid stemming from the Bieber egg attack on his neighbor. A rep for the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. confirmed the arrest for FELONY drug possession … and said the cocaine was "in plain view" during the raid. Officials say Bieber was "not connected" to the cocaine. Za's bail has been set $20,000. He is still in custody.

But wait, Lil Za's reign of terror wasn't done. Further cementing his reputation as an archcriminal we haven't seen since Lex Luthor, he was arrested again for holding the employees of Nakatomi Plaza hostage and stealing barab…haha jk this douche threw a hissy fit and vandalized a phone. E! reports:

According to a law-enforcement source, Lil Za, whose real name is Xavier Smith, was on the phone before he was due to leave when he apparently got angry and started yelling. He started banging the receiver against the wall—and then ripped the phone off the role entirely, the source said. We're told that Lil Za is now facing a vandalism charge and bail will be set at around $75,000. Bail was previously set at $20,000 for the drug charge.

Not really sure what about the conversation he was having on the other end of that phone, but if I had to guess, Justin Bieber probably cut his allowance and was going to make him face these charges with a non-Jewisj lawyer. Sometimes the tough love approach is best when dealing with children.