A.J. McCarron Is Mad That Katherine Webb Is More Famous Than Him

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Apparently hot women are just supposed to be seen and not heard. TMZ reports:

Katherine Webb has gone off the grid … banning herself from speaking to ANY media outlets … partly because her superstar QB boyfriend A.J. McCarron is upset that he’s been overshadowed by Webb’s hotness. But sources close to Webb tell us … McCarron made it clear to her — he’s not happy that the media is ignoring his accomplishments on the field. We’re told Webb is taking her relationship seriously and thinks the publicity could torpedo things with A.J. In fact, we’re told one major media outlet showed up to Webb’s front door this morning looking to speak with Katherine … but she turned them down. We’re told she also backed out of several interviews that were already scheduled. Sources close to A.J. tell us … the QB has made it clear to friends he wants to keep his private life private. One source tells us A.J. isn’t jealous of Katherine, but wants to keep the spotlight on his team and their accomplishments.

So, it’s okay to have a super hot girlfriend just as long as she doesn’t talk, stays inside, and doesn’t do anything to take the attention away from you. Got it. Let me clear all this up and say that if I was dating this chick, I’d get a t-shirt that said “Mr. Webb” and I would encourage her to be on television as much as possible. Mostly because I could point to the television and say, “I stuck my thumb in her ass last night.” I guess it’s because I haven’t peaked yet and won’t be picked in the 7th round of the NFL draft next year so I can get cut in training camp then apply to run a car dealership in Mobile.

In case you were on the fence on whether or not this story is true, here’s A.J. McCarron, despite being up 42-14 during the BCS Championship, throwing a goddamn hissy fit because the center, Barret Jones, changed the offensive play call at the line. Then Barret Jones proceeded to shut him up pretty quick.