Carrie Fisher Will Be In Star Wars VII Says Carrie Fisher

April 2002

In case you were interested in what the plot of the new Star Wars movie will be, Carrie Fisher just told somebody at her booksigning that she has already been cast. The Force reports:

One of our rebel readers, Curt, wrote in with the following: “I was at Carrie Fishers booksigning in Cherry Hill, NJ on November 15, and the interview she did started with the question ‘Are you really going to be in a new star wars movie?’ and Carrie answered quietly ‘Yes….I thought it was already common knowledge.’ She did not elaborate, as she probably doesn’t want to crow too loudly at this point in the project development. But this is the first confirmation from one of the main OT Cast. LFL has not said the cast would return yet.”

There’s been no word on Disney about this, so who knows if Carrie Fisher is just having another drug hallucination of if she was just fucking with the guy. But if it’s true, the movie will take place at least 45 years in the future. Hopefully Tatooine finally got an Applebee’s.