This Dude Got Tased, Bro

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Andrew Keegan, star of things I have never heard of before, was hit with a taser by members of the LAPD after units responded to noise complaints due to his Venice Beach block party. “Nah, man. It ain’t white boy day,” an LAPD officer was quoted as saying. Us magazine reports:

Keegan, 32, was pulled aside after reportedly receiving a noise complaint, and reports the actor became “very aggressive” when cops asked him to turn his music down. Though TMZ reports Keegan was not arrested, the police altercation left the actor — and his party guests — reeling. “He was tasered right in front of me,” one eyewitness tells Us Weekly. “Oh my God, it was so awful.” Another partygoer tells Us LAPD helicopters were circling the Venice Beach area as 15 police officers descended on the residence. “He was throwing a block party [and I] saw it happen,” says the witness of Keegan, who also appeared on The WB’s 7th Heaven. “You could tell he was in pain.”

Before we all start screaming police brutality, how big of an asshole do you have to be to get your ass kicked by hate and volts of taxpayer’s electricity if you’re a white guy? The cops rolled up, Keegan realized he was white and didn’t understand why they were bothering him, the police asked him to turn the music down, he acted like a dick, then the cops beat his head in and made him flop around in the middle of the street. I do the same thing when girls try to run.