Tiger Probably Hit This, Too. Or Not.

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Since fucking a married semi-celebrity only made her semi-famous, everybody’s least favorite tattooed whore now hints that she may have had sex with Tiger Woods. TMZ reports:

Because one celebrity home-wrecking sex scandal is never enough, white power poster child Bombshell McGee is now hinting that she may have slept with Tiger Woods. Bombshell went on “The Soscia Network” radio show on Philadelphia’s 106.1 FM this week — and when asked if she would ever “mess” with Tiger, she replied, “How do you know I haven’t?” Bombshell continued, “I’m not confirming or denying … I’m surprised no one’s picked up on that yet.” Sorry, lady with the swastika tattoo … we just don’t think he’s really your type.

Wait, can I just raise my hand and say I thought this skank was a white supremacist? And, I hate to point this out, but isn’t Tiger Woods black? And Asian? Was she doing some kind of experiment with zombie Himmler? I don’t get it. Or maybe because it’s this whore would jack off a donkey on American Idol if she thought somebody would take her picture. I get the feeling it has more to do with that last part.