Madonna Is A Great Mom

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I…I…fuck it.

The Daily Mail

Trussed up in white wedding dress and veil, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes recreates her mother’s famous wedding dress pose in the Eighties hit song Like A Virgin. The 12-year-old wears lashings of red lipstick and has the iconic beauty spot painted above her lip.

In case you missed that, Lourdes is FUCKING TWELVE and got tarted up like her mom was when she sang that song about getting banged by a dude with a huge dong that made her think she was a virgin again. Maybe for Field Day she can dress like Lara Croft or come to school in hot pants and roller skates and sucking on an oversized lollipop. You know, to fully drive the point home that Madonna is a psycho.

(btw, if you’re thinking about getting Lourdes a Christmas gift, Madonna probably wouldn’t mind you helping her scratching this off her list)

Lourdes with her mom on tour. Because really, who needs school or friends?