Meet Gerda-Marie Mare And Her Nipples

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I don’t really know who Gerda-Marie Mare is, but I like her look, so I used The Google to find out that she’s done some Sports Illustrated Swimsuit modeling, she has hazel eyes and she 5’9″. This is a photoshoot she did for Andre Rau where she might be alerting us to the subtle difference between American football and football (soccer) by using her nipples to communicate.

See how we break new talent here as soon as that talent is ready to take off her top? That’s right, we’re a force to be reckoned with in B-List modeling. At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m sorting through pictures. Because otherwise I’m just a guy who looks at a lot of topless chicks, which is fine, but I was already that guy before the internet was invented. Now I gotta be Perv 2.0, you feel me?

This album is 6 fantastic breat-filled photos long, and you can access them all by clicking this thumbnail: