Some Wonderful Soul Added ‘GTA V’ Footage To Singing Car Crash Viral Video

Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP (Getty).

By now you’ve likely seen the video from waaay back in 2016 of a young guy singing Casting Crowns while driving in the rain suddenly hydroplaning into a ditch. It’s hilarious AND he didn’t even hurt himself, so you can feel free to laugh all you’d like with no remorse.

However, something was apparently missing from the viral video, and has now been salvaged for parts. (There’s a pun in there somewhere, right?) Wreck-gardless, the addition of genuine car crash footage (OK, it’s from Grand Theft Auto V, close enough) is the icing on the cake…or the road, or whatever it is the guy slid on. Sheesh, all this wordplay is tiring, Roll the damn footage already!

And just like in GTA, the guy wound up driving off in his car with no mechanical damage whatsoever. Just a little fun fact for the road.

Alright, now we’re officially pun here.

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