Video Captures Hikers Heart-Stopping Encounter With Mountain Lion

Screenshot: YouTube

I’m not a fan of hiking, but I’m going to assume that hikers run the risk of coming face to face with something that may or may not want to rip your face off. And that’s exactly what happened recently to 45-year-old Brian McKinney and 40-year-old Sam Vonderheide.

MiKinney and Vonderheide were hiking at California’s Sequoia National Park when they spot what they believe is a mountain lion ahead of them. And what should sane people do? Go back and steer clear. But not these dudes, as they decided to follow it and begin filming it.

More than 30 seconds pass and the mountain lion isn’t seen. That is until the camera pans slowly and captures the mountain lion staring back at them, motionless. And that’s the point that both hikers probably shit their pants because one of the hikers says, “I don’t really like this.” Followed by, “What are we supposed to do, back up?”

Check out the heart-stopping moment below.

Well that was terrifying, and I wasn’t even there. Here’s what McKinney had to say to the Associated Press.

″[I was] not only shocked, but alarmed that she had the advantage above me, which is what they do when they hunt.” The hikers were just on the first day of an 11-day hike, but plans changed after they scary encounter.

“We said, ‘forget it’ and turned around,” MicKinney adds. “We just hiked two miles in the opposite direction to camp in a different place. It was extra tough to get to sleep that night.”

These two hikers actually recorded goodbye videos for their loved ones in case the mountain lions decided to feast on their faces. Luckily for them, it didn’t. And that’s probably the last time they will ever hike again.

h/t Huffington Post

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