Driver Tries To Ram Biker Off Road, Leads To Insane Accident On The Freeway

Photo: LiveLeak

Contain your road rage, folks. Contain your road rage.

Road rage never leads to anything good. It can lead to someone being attacked with a baseball bat, a street fight in the middle of the road, or in this case a crazy accident that ends up with an innocent driver being flipped over.

The incident below occurred on a Southern California freeway and was caught on tape by another driver named Chris Traber, who began filming when a motorcyclist and another driver were in the middle of a road rage battle that continued to escalate. According to Traber it all started when the gray sedan in the video inadvertently cut off a passing motorcyclist.

And that’s the moment the motorcyclist drives up to the sedan and kicks the side of the vehicle. The sedan then tries to run over the motorcyclist, and well, this is the chaos that follows.

Check it out below thanks to LiveLeak.

That truck that flipped over? Yeah, that driver was sent to the hospital even though he had nothing to do with those two other idiots. The man is expected to recover, thankfully.

“Obviously it was a road rage incident. He was kicking the vehicle. We have to get a statement, see what’s going on,” said CHP officer Josh Greengard. “The old man who had nothing to do with it was the one that got hurt. Hopefully by doing this, it can help him out.”

Officials are now investigating the crash as a road rage incident and a possible hit-and run.

h/t NBC 4

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