Transference is E3 2017’s Most Interesting Game so Far

Transference was announced during Ubisoft’s E3 2017 presentation, with the game being one of the most interesting (and creepy) new announcements from the expo thus far.

The debut trailer featured actor Elijah Wood discussing his film production company SpectreVision’s collaboration with Ubisoft, outlining a virtual reality game that would allow players to “experience” someone else’s brain data. It then gets a bit Black Mirror, with Wood & co. adopting a more sinister tone as they discuss the new VR technology, before the camera pans to a variety of test subjects with some ominous looking devices strapped to their heads.

No actual gameplay footage is revealed during the trailer, and no information has yet been made available online. We know it’s a VR game, and judging from Woods’ comments, it seems that it’ll be a pretty meta one at that, with it seemingly allowing players to experience a fictional recreation of someone else’s memories. The trailer pitches it as a “recorded consciousness,” with its tagline reading: “Enter the home of a mind.”

Though we’d always prefer to see some gameplay footage at E3, there’s no doubt that Transference‘s debut trailer leaves a mark. It remains to be seen whether or not the game lives up to the promise of its mysterious concept, but with virtual reality having been largely absent at this year’s E3 (with Microsoft completely ignoring it during its Xbox One X presentation), it’s good to see Ubisoft supporting unique VR games.

You can check out Elijah Woods’ comments on Transference below:

And watch its debut trailer below: