Watch And Wince As Jerry Seinfeld Accidentally-On Purpose Snubs Ke$ha For A Hug

Photo: Twitter / Tommy McFLY

Call me out of touch with today’s youths, but I do not believe I would recognize Ke$ha in person. Despite inexplicably knowing that her name requires a dollar sign in place of the letter “S,” I know very little else about her besides the fact that she’s a pop musician of some sort and they used her song for that one The Simpsons couch gag where everyone lip-synced the only song of hers I’ve ever heard of. This is not to say I have a thing against her, however, or that I’m just trying to act all hipster by pretending not to know her work.

In that way — and probably only that way — Jerry Seinfeld and I are a lot alike. Well, that and neither of us are too fond of hugging strangers.

That seems like a sufficient setup. Let’s roll the clip:

Jerry Seinfeld Deliberately Snubs Ke$ha For A Hug

Ouch. And I mean that sincerely. Again, I have nothing against the woman. That was just hella awkward and I’d feel bad no matter who Seinfeld snubbed. Anyone else waiting for someone to dub in the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme at the end? I would totally watch an entire episode based solely around the aftermath of that incredibly uncomfortable exchange. Good luck with alllll that, Ke$h.

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