‘Logan’ is Returning to Theaters… in Black-and-White

“Suggestion, director James Mangold tweeted earlier today. “Hard core B&W loving LOGAN fans should not make any plans on the evening of May 16th.”

So mark your calendars accordingly, because that means that Logan – one of the most critically acclaimed superhero movies ever – is coming back to theaters, and this time it’ll be in glorious black-and-white.

James Mangold added that enterprising Logan fans shouldn’t merely desaturate their TV screens at home. Changing a color film to black and white requires more nuance than that. “To make a great B&W version of a film, Mangold tweeted, “the whole thing’s gotta be regraded & timed shot by shot.”

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Re-releasing contemporary movies in black-and-white is not a common practice, but certain, acclaimed films have been able to take advantage of the practice. Frank Darabont’s terrifying Stephen King adaptation The Mist was released on home video in a black and white edition, and George Miller’s Oscar-winning post-apocalyptic car chase epic Mad Max: Fury Road was re-released on Blu-ray in a so-called “Black and Chrome” edition. These black-and-white editions have championed by the original filmmakers as their preferred presentations of these films.

James Mangold has explained in interviews that the black-and-white version of Logan was a bit of an afterthought, which came about after some monochrome behind the scenes photographs received a positive reaction. The black-and-white edition was originally planned for the film’s Blu-ray release, and is still en route to home video, but it’s more exciting that Logan fans will get to see this new version of the film in theaters, even if just for one night only.

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