Josh Thomas Breaks Our Hearts, Confirms Season 4 Of ‘Please Like Me’ Was Its Last

Comedian Josh Thomas has just broken up with us. After four beautiful years together, he’s decided that it’s time for Please Like Me to move on, and part ways with Aussie fans.


The beloved homegrown dramady, which both warmed and shattered viewers’ hearts on the reg, began in 2013 on ABC2 and unfolded the often hilarious tale of an Aussie dude in his early 20’s (played by Thomas himself) who comes out as gay and tries to negotiate his complex relationships with lovers, friends and family as he continues to embark on this crazy little thing called life.

Despite its fairly brief tenure on our screens, Please Like Me‘s cultural impact can not be understated. It was responsible for some pretty big moments in Australian TV, such as this sex scene, and blazed a trail in depicting realistic representations of Aussie rainbow lifestyles on prime time tele.

In a statement, Thomas told fans he’d decided to end the show at season 4 because he felt like it was “complete”:

“This show is so intensely personal, it recreates the most intimate moments of my life and lays them out for anyone to watch,” he says. “Seeing how people have connected with this show has been tremendously confidence building for me and I’m really grateful for that. Thank you.”

You can read his full statement below. And in the meantime, while we may shed a few tears because this beautiful four-year love affair has come to an end, at least we can always remember the good times, and all the ways that it’s helped shape us into the people we are today.

Thanks for the memories, Please Like Me. Come back for a booty call anytime.

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