Rapid Reviews | Is ‘La La Land’ Really That Lovely?

Everybody’s talking about La La Land, the musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as struggling artists in a colorful, slightly fantastic version of Los Angeles. It’s the second movie from Damien Chazelle, whose debut feature Whiplash is a cynical masterpiece, but has he gone mean to adorable so fast you’ll actually GET whiplash? Is La La Land really as good as everyone’s saying?

You’ll find out in the latest episode of Rapid Reviews, the weekly video series where our illustrious film critic William Bibbiani tells you everything you need to know about the biggest and most interesting new movies, in just sixty seconds or less. Hey, your time is valuable and we respect that!

So check out our review of La La Land and come back next week for another all-new, super-efficient installment of Rapid Reviews, right here at Crave!

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