The Best Loved Video Games Of The ’90s Worth Going Blind Over

Your mama probably told you if you sat too close to the TV for too long, you’d go blind (although she probably doesn’t know that playing video games actually make humans better). Well mother, we’d gladly go blind to these best loved videos of the ‘90s.  Get your fingers on some nostalgic ‘90s gaming here, then dust off the controllers and forget you have to pick your kids up from school. And then once they go to sleep, perhaps you want to check out ten video games that will turn you on. But only after they go to sleep! And if you don’t have kids, go on ahead and treat yourself whenever you want.

For now, let’s head back to the greatest decade ever…

The Best Loved Video Games of the ’90s Worth Going Blind Over

How do you feel after that? You wish you could stay in the ’90s, right? Hey, you’re not the only one. But that’s why we like to take you back to that glorious decade once in a while — so you can remember how good it really was.

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