Alec Price Learned A Lot, Took His Game To Another Level In Battles With Ace Romero

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Alec Price, who picked his series of matches with Ace Romero as the ones that have helped him learn a great deal about the wrestling business in a short amount of time.

“It’s really hard, but the series of matches I had with Ace Romero were probably my best, I think. The thing with Acey was—Acey wanted to work with me and obviously I was psyched because I always wanted to work with him. Just facing him, it was a whole different thing and it’s not regular wrestling that you’d find on any shindie, you know what I mean? He taught me so much and those matches have really brought everything that’s ‘Alec Price now’ out of me.

“I feel like in those matches, it allowed me to get to another level because I learned a lot from Acey. From how to sell and how TV wrestling works, he definitely helped me out and I feel like some of those matches were my best to date. I also feel like maybe my Ken Broadway match was really good and the Willow Nightingale match [at Beyond’s Project Dolphin] is really, really good too. So, the Acey series, Willow and the Ken Broadway match, 100%.”

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Check out some full-length matches from Price’s career below:

Ace Romero vs. Alec Price (Street Fight)

Limitless Wrestling’s The Road — April 28, 2021

Alec Price vs. Basic Becca

Limitless Wrestling’s The Road (Episode 4) — August 19, 2020

Ace Romero vs. Alec Price

Limitless Wrestling’s The Road (Episode 1) — July 29, 2020

Alec Price vs. Danhausen

Limitless Wrestling’s Flirtin’ With Disaster — January 2, 2020

JD Drake vs. Alec Price 

Limitless Wrestling’s Twilight Zone — November 29, 2019

Alec Price faces off with Kevin Ku at Limitless Wrestling’s Fortune Favors The Bold, premiering on Sunday, June 13 at 7 PM on IWTV

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