Eyes On The Prize: Alec Price Prepared For Hard-Hitting Fight With Kevin Ku, Focused On Limitless Title

Alec Price is prepared for a fight against Kevin Ku and still has his eyes on the ultimate prize in Limitless Wrestling.

Alec Price spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of his match with Ku at Limitless Wrestling‘s Fortune Favors The Bold event on Sunday, June 13. “The Prize” spoke about the opportunity he faces against Ku, a current MLW star that also has ties to the New England wrestling scene. 

“I’m really looking forward to the Kevin Ku match. One, because Kevin Ku was originally from the New England area before he went out [nationally] and I’m just excited. I like being hit and I like hard-hitting fights, and I know Kevin Ku is going to bring it and he’s going to fight me. I don’t think anyone really wrestles like Kevin Ku, so I definitely feel like it’s going to be a fun ass match. I’ve been waiting for this match,” Price said, “but at the same exact time—I’m focused on this match, but I’m not really focused on this match.”

Price then turned his attention to Limitless Wrestling Champion Daniel Garcia, noting that he has a big match with Ku, but still hasn’t forgotten about his ultimate goal in the company.

“I just feel like I’m being ducked. I feel like Daniel Garcia has been straight-up ducking me, you know? I just feel like it makes no sense at all and I should be the champion and in a championship match, but the fact that I’m not in a championship match is just pissing me off. I’ve already gotten win after win after win after win after win for the past, what, year-and-a-half now? So why am I not in the championship picture?” Price asked. “I’ve beaten everybody. I’ve faced people that even if I didn’t beat them, I proved myself, and I just feel like I’m excited for the Kevin Ku match but I feel like I’m focused on that championship right now.”

Price, who described himself as “a ballsy loudmouth with a death wish”, said no one should get it confused and think he’s looking past his match on Sunday. He called Ku “a force to be reckoned with” but he knows his eyes are on the title as a prime focus.

“I know it’s going to be a good match, it’s going to be a hard-hitting match. I don’t like Kevin Ku,” Price stated, “but I respect Kevin Ku, so it’ll be a dope match.”

Last week, Alec Price had a chance to show off his skills against Willow Nightingale at Beyond’s Project Dolphin event. Willow has also been in the spotlight herself recently, appearing in the Ring Of Honor Women’s Championship tournament and on All Elite Wrestling television. Price, who is only a few years into his career, was asked about the potential for fans discovering him through his work with other more established performers. Price said he puts everything he has into every match and credited his opponents and promoters for giving him a shot, and certainly appreciates that people might leave a show as a new fan.

I definitely feel that—a lot of people don’t know me yet, which is fine. At the end of day, they’re going to know me and that’s why I want to have bangers. If I have bangers with their favorite wrestlers,” Price explained, “they’re going to look at it and be like, ‘hey that guy, who is that kid?’ and want to follow along [with my career]. There’s a couple of people that [before] last night, they had never seen me before but said, ‘I’ve never heard of this kid but I’m a fan now.’ And you are right, as a fan, facing those people, it’s awesome. 

“Willow didn’t have to give me as much, and it really was just an opportunity from the promoters and Drew [Cordiero of Beyond Wrestling] and Randy [Carver of Limitless Wrestling] have given me a lot of opportunities. Randy has put me up against people that are on TV that I probably wouldn’t have faced in this amount of time in my career. Drew’s done the same thing—I was facing Josh Briggs and Christian Casanova in the Tournament For Tomorrow before anything,” Price said, “so it’s definitely awesome when you get to walk away with fans like that.”

Limitless Wrestling’s Fortune Favors The Bold will air on Sunday, June 13 at 7 PM on IWTV

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