Andrade El Idolo Looks Forward To New Goals And Rivals In AEW, Says Success Is Not Found Sitting In The Locker Room

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Andrade El Idolo is looking forward to new opportunities and finding success with All Elite Wrestling.

After he made a surprise appearance on AEW Dynamite on Friday night, Andrade El Idolo posted the following message on Instagram in response to his debut with the company:

The NEW ANDRADE EL IDOLO. New goals. New opportunities to achieve. More Success. Thank you so much for great introduction @guerrero_vickie thanks for the wonderful welcome @allelitewrestling @aewontnt

Nuevas metas. Nuevos rivales. Recuerden lo valioso que son y lo muchos que luchan por cada una de sus metas. Ve y busca el éxito, el éxito no está en el locker room! (Translates to: New goals. New rivals. Remember how valuable you are and how many you fight for each of your goals. Go and seek success, success is not in the locker room!)

Andrade’s comment about the locker room is a reference to how his WWE tenure ended, where he was kept off of television for several months. Since his release earlier this year, Andrade has made comments about WWE wasting opportunities for talent by having them sit in the locker room. Former WWE Superstar Epico (Orlando Colon) also shared a conversation he had with Andrade in March, just a few weeks before his WWE release was granted.

“I was just talking to him today, cracking some jokes and just talking about his future and the future looks bright for him,” Colon said. “I saw him in Orlando two weeks ago, he was like, ‘Man, [they’re] not doing anything with me, it’s not about the money for me. It’s just a matter of following my dreams, and I hate sitting at catering and eating, same thing over every week.’ You know, it’s pretty toxic when you look at it that way.”

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