Nyla Rose Doesn’t Want A Cheeseburger, Ruins Britt Baker’s Championship Celebration

britt baker aew 2

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. tried to share the wealth when McDonalds sent her 1500 coupons for Big Macs, but Nyla Rose wasn’t loving it.

This week on AEW Dynamite, Baker celebrated her victory at the Double or Nothing pay-per-view, where she won the AEW Women’s World Chamionship. During the ceremony, Baker said she gave the coupons out to the fans, but in reality, she kept them all to herself.

Baker explained that she did all the work herself, but she let her peers enjoy some of the burgers she had brought to the celebration. Just as everyone prepared to dig in, former champion Nyla Rose crashed the party by tossing the burgers all around. She then popped some balloons before she walked away.

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