AEW Dynamite Results (6/4/21)

AEW Dynamite Sting Darby Allin

Credit: AEW

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, we experience the aftermath of AEW Double or Nothing as Sting and Darby Allin came out victorious in The Icon’s first live match under the All Elite banner. Plus, The Young Bucks take on PAC and Penta El Zero M.


June 4, 2021, Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur


PAC & Penta El Zero M vs. The Young Bucks (with Don Callis)

The Bucks give Michael Nakazawa their headband at ringside and Frankie Kazarian attacks Nak from behind. PAC and Penta dive on top of the Bucks before giving the brothers back body drops. Callis is on commentary. They get in the ring and the bell rings. Commentary notes that both Fenix and Jon Moxley are out due to the attacks of The Bucks. Penta gets a near fall and Nick gets tagged just to get thrust kicked. Tag back to Matt who gets thrust kicked and PAC leaps in with a cutter. He continues offense. PAC ascends up top but Matt bails.

On the outside Nick punts PAC in the face. He holds PAC for Matt who runs around the ring and lariats him in a playful manner the elicits boos. Cutler rubs MAtt’s fancy shoes. PAC knocks Matt inside out. PAC kicks Nick off the apron as Matt hits him with a flurry of punches. PAC soon takes control of both brothers and hits rolling German on Nick. Tag to Penta for some fast-break offense. Penta hits a backstabber in the corner on Nick. Package half nelson driver on Matt for two.

Some hard savate kicks by PAC to Matt. Liger bomb for a near fall. PAC and Penta do a Dudleyx “WASSSUP” headbutt. Nick gets double thrust kicked by Death Triangle. Penta leaps of PAC’s back for a destroyer, but Matt hits one of his own. Nick hits a German on PAC while Matt gets package piledrove by Penta both on the apron. Nick and Penta duke it out in the ring. Rick Knox gets nailed in the ring inadvertently. Nick rips off Penta’s mask but Penta has a second mask on. He downs Nick and PAC hits a Black Arrow. It gets broken up. Cutler interferes and Nick jacknifes PAC up for the dirty win.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks

Bucks go to attack further, but Eddie Kingston come out for the save.

After the break, Schiavone introduces the newest member of the All Elite team, Mark Henry. As he’s introduced, Zicky Dice is seen in the crowd. Henry says he’s not here to fix AEW because it’s not broken. Tony asks him if he’s here to perhaps get in the ring again. Mark didn’t say either way, but he’s got a lot left in the tank.

Suddenly, he gets interrupted by Vickie Guerrero. She sends both men off and introduces Andrade. He comes out in a olive green suit and is introduced as Andrada El Idolo. He comes out to say he will become the face of All Elite Wrestling.


Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson vs. QT Marshall & Anthony Ogogo

QT pie faces Lee and Lee fires back. Tag to Cody and he and Johnson double team QT with a dropkick. Lee covers but a kick out by Marshall. Cody getrs tagged in. Ogogo belly to belly suplexes Cody. Tag to QT. Cody fights off and gives QT a modified flatliner. Lee gives some offense to QT. He tosses QT with a head scissors. Ogogo catches Lee with a running boot on the outside. We soon go to break.

Back from it, Cody gets a hot tag and takes it to QT. He toss suplexes QT before giving a classic ten punch in the corner. Disaster Kick to Ogogo. He locks in a figure four on QT. Ogogo tosses Lee into a barricade at ringside. Ogogo nails a frog splash on Cody to break it up. Diamond Cutter by QT.  Two count. Lee tried to make the save but was late. Ogogo clears the ring of Lee and it’s down to Cody and QT. Aaron Solow runs in to distract ref. Anthony gives Cody a knockout punch and QT covers for the win.

WINNERS: Anthony Ogogo & QT Marshall

Post-match, QT gets on the mic and gloats.

Next up, The Inner Circle comes out. Jericho reveals to the whole crowd that they all have Stadium Stampede Champion shirts under their chairs. Chris then calls Sammy Guevara the hero of Stadium Stampede. He says to do a 630 off his back roof at his childhood home to doing it to get the W last Sunday was big for him. He thanks everybody. Santana notes that while that was the IC’s biggest night, but they still have to tolerate Pinnacle. To keep it real, FTR tried to end his and Ortiz’s career by piledriving them through tables. Therefore, this shit is far from over. Hager reiterates that. He challenges Wardlow to an MMA cage fight in two weeks. “Man up!” Jericho agrees that the war between the Pinnacle is not over. Shawn Spears pisses him off, MJF pisses him off too. He calls out MJF about Blood and Guts. He thinks about it every single day. He must settle the score. This will never be over. He says he’s going to beat MJF and he says it twice. “The Inner Circle never forgives and The Inner Circle sure as hell never f’n forgets!”

Orange is pacing backstage as The Best Friends talk up his performance at Double or Nothing. Chuck says Cassidy should be World Champ. Cassidy assures Kenny that it’s not over.

Kenny and Don are in the production tank as Marvez walks in. Callis says they have the raw footage of Kenny having a conspiracy against him losing the title and that will be next week. Marvez mentions Jungle Boy. Omega says there’s a big difference between being a Jungle “Boy” and a Jungle “Man” and an even bigger difference between a Jungle “Man” and a Jungle “Champion.” Kenny starts singing Jungle Boy’s theme.


Jungle Boy & Christian vs. Private Party (with Matt Hardy)

Christian & JB work on Isaiah. PP are wearing white button-ups and slacks, BTW. They soon isolate JB and double team attack him. JB handspring flips PP. They soon work on Jungle Boy, but he fights them off and tags in Christian. He gets in control with some corner punches, but Marq Quen guillotines him on the ropes as Aubrey Edwards is distracted. We go to break.

Back from it, PP gives Christian a wheelbarrow splash. They taunt. Tag to Kassidy but Cage fights him off briefly. JB gets back on the apron but Isaiah clears him off once more. PP grab hold of Christian and make him do a “five second pose” He sweeps both of them and tags in JB who is a house on fire. JB hits a rebounding clothesline and a deep brainbuster on Mark Quen. Tornado DDT by JB for two. Snare trap locked in but Kassidy breaks it up. Cage comes in to take him out. Kassidy thumbs JB in the eye as Quen uses the tights for a leverage pin. Kick out. They go for the Gin & Juice but JB catches Quen and flips him over for the Snare Trap. Quen submits.

WINNERS: Jungle Boy & Christian Cage

Post-match, Matt Hardy gives Christian a Twist of Fate on the stage.

We see Team Taz. He says Hangman picks a partner of his choosing from the Dark Order as they take on Powerhouse Hobbs and Brian Cage. “You screwed around with the wrong club,” says Taz.

Tony Schiavone introduces Sting and Darby Allin. Sting gets on the mic and says Double or Nothing will be a night he will never ever forget. It stands up to anything he’s ever done in this business. BIG “You still got it” chants. That right there is an open door to say thank you to one and all. Backstage, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page applaud him. Sky says he was so good that Darby was dragged by him over the finish line. Ethan Page says Sting is carrying him.  He calls Darby a co-dependent bitch. They challenge Darby to find someone else to partner with besides Sting.

Britt Baker Celebration time. She got everyone burger coupons. Oh wait…they’re all right with her on this platter here. You know why? Cause DMD did all the work. Not them. Britt goes to have a ceremonial burger with Tony and Reba (Rebel), but Nyla Rose tosses them Whoppers. She also pops balloons before leaving.

Backstage, PAC tells Eddie Kingston to keep out of their business. Eddie says the enemy of his enemy is his friend.


The Bunny (with The Blade) vs. Red Velvet

Bunny quickly goes for the attack from behind but RV catches her in the act. She remains on the offensive. She stomps away at Bunny in the corner. She chokes Bunny with her boot and ascends, but Bunny nails her and thrust kicks RV off. Bunny later corner elbow strikes her and we go to break.

Back from it, RV hits a running stunner on Bunny for a near fall. Major thrust kick by Bunny. Blade hands Bunny some brass knuckles, but RV hits Just Desserts for the W.

WINNER: Red Velvet

It’s John Silver’s birthday today and he’s gifting Evil Uno a TNT Title shot. Cut to Miro who thanks God for his power and his wife being hot. He then says that Evil Uno is not emotionally ready for him.


Bull Rope Match

Dustin Rhodes vs. Nick Comoroto

Dustin immediately begins brawling with Nick on stage, bull rope in hand. Paul Turner puts the rope on Nick’s wrist and the bells sounds. Dustin utilizes the rope initially, but so does Nick by strangling Rhodes over the ring ropes. Both men tumble to the outside. Dustin delivers osme shots before Nick flings him over the barricade. He blasts Dustin into a chair. Comoroto tosses Fuego Del Sol into the mass of humanity after the lightweight leaps on his back.

Back at ringside, Dustin powerslams Solow. Nick pulls Dustin with the bull rope, but Comoroto is clearly busted open. The two men continue to brawl it out at ringside as we go to break one more time.

Back from it, Solow sets up a table but Dustin slugs Comoroto. Nick, however, grabs hold of Rhodes and powerbombs him through said table. Nick tosses Dustin back in the ring to cover, but The Natural kicks out. Solow tries to meddle once more, but Colten Gunn comes in to even the odds. Dustin hits a Final Reckoning, but Comoroto kicks out at one. He nails Nicks with some cow bell shots.  Dustin snake eyes Com on an exposed turnbuckle. Top rope bulldog. He hogties Nick and folds him up for the victory.

WINNER: Dustin Rhodes