Scorpio Sky Grabs The Brass Ring, Earns TNT Title Shot At AEW Revolution

Scorpio Sky is the face of the revolution.

At AEW Revolution, Sky defeated Cody Rhodes, Penta El Zero M, Lance Archer, Max Caster, and newcomer Ethan Page in a ladder match to win a TNT Championship Match.

The match was as chaotic as one might expect. Jack Evans ran to ringside, trying to interfere, but 10 of Dark Order took him out. Caster repeatedly used his boombox as a weapon, and ladders were used to inflict pain throughout the bout. Penta also launched himself off a ladder onto Rhodes and Caster at ringside.

A few minutes later, Page was seemingly about to win the match, but Rhodes stormed back to the ring and stopped him. But Archer dropped the wounded Rhodes with a suplex, and Caster hit a diving elbow drop right onto his wounded shoulder. Archer then took control by dishing out Chokeslams to several of his opponents.

Later on, Penta floored Rhodes with a Destroyer onto a ladder, and the medical team helped the former TNT Champion to the stage. Caster floored Page with a powerbomb off the ladder to stop him from retrieving the brass ring.

Eventually, Sky climbed the ladder and took the brass ring to win the bout.

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