AEW Revolution Results (3/7/21)


March 7, 2021 Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schivaone & Excalibur

To kick off the Buy-In, Britt Baker comes out that to say Rebel (“Reba”) is unable to compete because she was attacked by Nyla Rose. Rebel comes out on crutShe said that she found a replacement: Maki Itoh.


Britt Baker & Maki Itoh vs. Thunder Rosa & Riho

Britt and Riho begin. Arm wrenches exchanged before Britt goes for the rope break. Crowd boos and a swift kick to the gut drops Riho, but she cartwheels through for two dropicks. Head scissors takedown. Front headlock before tags are made on both ends. Itoh taunts s Rosa stares on. Standing switch by Rosa before Maki locks her in a headlock. Fujwa arm bar into crossface by Rosa. Neither fighter relents as the two trade shots. A barrage of elbow strikes from Rosa topples Itoh down. Maki feigns tears before stomping on the foot of Rosa, but a shoulder tackle knocks her down.

Itoh catches Rosa in the corner with a lariat before following up with a bulldog. Itoh taunts on top of Rosa. She delivers some punches but Rosa drops her down on the turnbuckle. Suplex by Rosa and a tag to Riho as she wheelbarrows Riho on top of Itoh for two count. 619 by Riho gets another near fall.

Snapmare by Rosa gets a two count. Chinlock dropkick by Riho and Rosa for another two. Riho and Itoh trade shots. A kick to the gut downs Itoh and Britt drags Riho out of the ring. Riho gets forced by in the ring by Rebel and Itoh goes for a standing headbutt but Riho moves. Britt gets the tag and taunts Rosa. A suplex leads to a two count. She steps on Riho utilizing the bottom rope. Tag to Itoh as she snapmares and wrenches back on a camel clutch. Riho gets her foot on the ropes, but Itoh holds on a little longer. Riho guillotines her over the top rope before hitting a crossbody for a near fall. Rosa and Britt gets the tag and it’s Rosa all in control. Big time running dropkick in the corner. Butterfly suplex from Rosa. She brings Britt to the center of the ring for a running senton. Two count.

Itoh tags herself in and sends Rosa into Britt for a slingblade. Itoh hits her headbutt, but Rosa still kicks out. Rosa hits a stunner and tags in Riho. Britt knocks Riho out and Itoh hits a tornado DDT. Rosa rolls out of the ring. Itoh singals for the end and climbs up top. Itoh goes for a headbutt but Rosa moves. Itoh catches a charging Riho in a single leg crab, but Riho makes it to the ropes. The two trade shots. Big headbutts from Itoh. Tag to Britt. White noise. Two count before Rosa breaks it up. Riho tags in Rosa. Rosa gets a near fall sunset. Backslide attempt by Britt. Two count. DDT. Two count. Crucifix by Rosa. Two count. Rebel gets on the ropes nd Rosa sends Britt into Rebel. DVD by Rosa. She almost gets the win but Itoh breaks it up. Rosa goes for her Thunder Driver, but she gets kicked by Britt and sent to the ropes. Rebel hits her with a crutch and Britt covers for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Britt Baker & Maki Itoh


AEW Tag Team Championships

MJF & Chris Jericho (with Wardlow) vs. The Young Bucks (c)

Maatt and Nick get off to a fast start, but Jericho and MJF take control on the outside until The Bucks stereo topes on the two. They follow that up with stereo Sharpshooters in the middle of the ring. Jericho gets to the ropes. Nick tag s in Matt who spears Jericho hard. They kick MJF off the apron Matt tags in Nick. Double team senton, but MJF breaks up the pin ttempt. Nick tosses Max, but MJF grabs him on the apron and allows Chris to do his leaping dropkick. Wardlow takes the boots to Nick on the outside. Double flapjack by Chris and MJF.

Nick tags in Matt who gives a flurry to MJF. DDT. Wardlow however downs Matt on the outside as Jericho suplexes Matt for a follow-up. Back in the ring, MJF stomps on Matt’s hand. He does the Jackie Fargo strut. Jericho suplexes Matt after he and Max punch at him. Big double stalling suplex to Matt. MJF covers for a two count. Max continues with a headlock. Matt tries to hammer free but MJF knocks him down. Drop toe hold into front chancery by MJF. Matt fights to the ropes and Northern Lights suplexes MJF, but Nick gets knocked off. Matt is isolated once again, but a double DDT downs Max and Chris. Matt rolls and tags Nick who comes in on fire with kicks to both foes. He hits his bulldog lriat on the two before catching MJF with a facebuster. Destroyer gets a very near fall on Max.

Bucks hit the sliced bread double team as a hat tip to the Motor City Machine Guns. Two count. Matt knocks Jericho downs and mounts with punches. Jericho attempts a Liontamer, but Matt rolls him up for two. Judas Effect attempt, but superkick by Matt. Jericho counters a tombstone attempt before locking in the Liontamer on Nick. Tag made to Matt and Jericho catches his leg and switches over to him for his Liontamer. Matt frees himself. Jericho crashes in the corner which allows MJF to tag himself in. Backslide attempt for two. Sit-out slam for another near fall.

Jericho catches Nick with a Codebreaker and it allows MJF to get another near fall. Wardlow hits Matt in the back with the batt and MJF hits a Heatseeker for a very close fall. Jericho gets cracked by The Bucks before they deliver stereo cross bodies. Two count.

Jericho inadvertently hits a Judas Effect on Wardlow and gets rolled up. Two count. Jericho goes for his Lionsault, but gets superkicked and BTE Triggered. MJF breaks it up. Superkick Party for MJF. Jericho gets superkicked. Nick tags in Matt as they signal for the end. Meltzer Driver on Jericho. 1-2-3.

WINNERS and STILL AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks


Casino Tag Team Royale

TEAM 1: The Natural Nightmares

TEAM 2: Dark Order’s 5 & 10

Bell rings and the teams shake hands before duking it out. Dustin chops away at 10 s QT takes shots at 5. Powerslam by Dustin. He goes for his uppercut but 10 hits him with a pump kick. Lungblower into fallaway slam by Dark Order. We get the countdown.

TEAM 3: Santana & Ortiz

Santana and Ortiz get right to it. 5 kicks away at both men and Dark Order crashes into the back of Ortiz. QT hits  Diamond Cutter and tosses 5.

TEAM 4: The Sydal Brothers

The Sydals chop down 10. Double team spiral by them onto 10. They try to eliminate Santana while Dustin goes to toss 10.

TEAM 5: Stu Grayson & Evil Uno

Mike Sydal gets tossed by Santana and Ortiz. Dark Order members triple team Ortiz, but Santana levels them all.

TEAM 6: The Gunn Club

Hard lariats by Austin and Colten. Dropkick by Colten. Quick Draw by Austin. Spear by 10. Santana and Ortiz eliminate Matt Sydal.

ELIMINATED: Sydal Brothers

TEAM 7: Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi

Bononi displays his power. Dustin soon battles it out with the big man.

TEAM 8: Varsity Blonds

Griff and Brian start off hot, but Cezar suplexes them both. Fame Asser by Austin and he tosses Peter Avalon. Fame asser to Bononi. QT comes from behind and elimintes Gunn Club.


Dustin is pissed at QT and then QT eliminates himself and spits at Dustin before leaving the ring.

TEAM 9: Bear Country

Bear Country display their strength but so does Stu Grayson. Bear Country however take out Stu.

TEAM 10: Jurassic Express

Jungle Boy eliminates Ortiz. Luchasaurs tosses out Cezar.

ELIMINATED: Cezar Bononi & Avalon

Santana gets eliminated.

ELIMINATED: Santana and Ortiz

Griff Garrison gets tossed and Marko Stunt helps to eliminate Evil Uno.

TEAM 12: The Butcher & Blade


Brian Pillman gets knocked out.

ELIMINATED: Varsity Blonds

Bunny helps to dispose of Dustin.

ELIMINATED: The Natural Nightmares

TEAM 12: Private Party

Plenty of action going down, but it gets settled after a bunch of eliminations.


Bear Country tosses out Luchasaurus. Bear Country gets tossed altogether by Butcher.

ELIMINATED: Bear Country

Bear Country drag Butcher under the ropes and attack him before sending him back in the ring.

TEAM 14: PAC & Fenix

Both Quen and Blade get tossed by the two.

TEAM 15: Silver & Reynolds

The latest Dark Order team are on a roll. Dark Destroyer to Cassidy. They toss him.

ELIMINATED: Private Party

SCU toss out Butcher.

ELIMINATED: Butcher and Blade

Daniels gets taken out by Jungle Boy. Alex Reynolds is next to go too. Frankie gets tossed.


It’s down to Silver, Jungle Boy, PAC and Fenix. Silver nearly gets eliminated but uses his strength to hang on. Rey Fenix uses his athletic prowess to stay in the mix. PAC and Silver trade shots. Hard kicks from Silver to PAC, but PAC vaults him into a German. Silver hangs on, but Rey Fenix walks the tight rope to kick Silver out.

ELIMINATED: Silver and Reynolds

Down to Death Triangle and JB. JB uses PAC’s momentum to eliminate PAC. Fenix and Jungle Boy. Fenix does a wild tope onto the outside. Both men didn’t go over the top. Fenix jumps in and JB hits him with a superkick. They go back and forth but Fenix kicks JB and lariats him out.

ELIMINATED: Jurassic Express

WINNERS: PAC & Rey Fenix

Dasha is backstage with Paul Wight. She wants some hints at to who the big debut could be. He says this particular talent, he doesn’t think anyone here can outwork him.

DDP is in the crowd. Al Snow is in the house too.


AEW Women’s World Championship

Ryo Mizunami vs. Hikaru Shida (c)

Two exchange handshakes and then go to attack one another. They playfully get back to competition. Shoulder tackle by Ryo before some chops in the corner. Ryo lays some rapid ones in but Shida throws some elbows in the corner. More chops from Ryo. She taunts before chopping Shida. Excalibur notes the lack of respect. Shida hits a hurricanrana. Big running knee from Shida. Shida then follows up with another running knee as she hangs over the apron. Shida has a chair and sets it up to launch herself off Ryo catches her and throws her over the barricade. Paul Turner, the ref, implores the competitors to get back in the ring. They finally do.

Fame asser by Ryo before some rapid leg drops. Two count. Ryo rolls into a half clutch. Ryo counters a hip throw, but Shida shoves her with her knees into the corner turnbuckle. Missile dropkick by Shida for a two count.

Ryo goes for a suplex attempt, but Shida holds on and sets her up for backpack tombstome. “Holy Shida” chants. Shida lets her get back to the apron but the champ powers her over the top for a suplex. Two count.Shida kicks at the cocky Ryo who gets back up for some elbows, but a hard shot from Shida sends her down. Headbutts from Ryo, but Shida fires back. Ryo lariats Shida down not once, but twice. Spike slam by Ryo but Shida kicks out at two. Shida rolls Ryo for a big jab. Shida hits her running knee, but she can’t make the cover. Turner begins his ten count.

Ryo grabs the hand of Shida and the two trade shots. They tee off on one another and both ask for it. Big right elbows by Ryo. She drops Shida. Uranage suplex by Ryo. Spear by Ryo. Ryo climbs up and hits guillotine. 1-2-no!

Ryo goes for a Michinoku driver, but Shida flings her off. Back on their feet, Shida hits a straight jacket German, but Ryo pops right back up and hits a lariat right to the back of the head. Falcon arrow by Shida. Some hard kicks from Shida and hits another falcon arrow. She covers but only a two count. Shida charges at Ryo but Ryo levels her. Shida returns the favor. Shida pokes Ryo in the eyes for a roll-up, but Ryo kicks out. Several near falls here lead to “This is awesome ” chants. Shida flattens Ryo before hitting her running knee. 1-2-no (again!)

Shida hits a corkscrew knee strike and then finally, that’s it.

WINNER and STILL AEW Women’s World Champion: Hikaru Shida

Post-match, Shida celebrates, but Nyla comes out for the attack (with Vickie in tow). Shida comes to Ryo’s aid, but Britt and Rebel come out to attack. Thunder Rosa’s music hits and it sends the baddies bailing.

Alex Marvez is backstage with Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy, but in come Miro and Kip Sabian to attack both of them before Miro demands for the house to play his music. Miro walks out to Daily’s Place and throws a bloody Chuck onto the stage. They toss him in the ring. Miro grabs a mic. He yells at “Charles.” He says he can make it stop if Chuck says so. Instead Chuck says “ring the damn bell.”


Miro & Kip Sabian vs. Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy

This is a big-time beatdown as Kip hits a shotgun dropkick. Chuck really is a bloody mess and continues to get beat, but does get a high knee up to Kip. Finally, Orange stumbles out and collapses. Suddenly, Orange kips up and Orange punches Miro on the stage. Chuck officially tags in Orange and he takes it to Kip with a tope. He then hits a top rope diving DDT for a two count. Orange goes for a Beach Break, but Kip turns it into a gutwrench breaker. Sit-out slam on Orange for a pin attempt, but it’s only a two count.

Kip gets Orange back to his feet for a Deathly Hallows, but Taylor gets a blind tag for a head scissors DDT by Orange. Assisted Beach Break. Chuck hits a big piledriver. Near fall, but Miro breaks it up. Orange does his casual kicks and Miro is amused by it. Orange hits him with several attacks including an Orange Punch, but Miro sends Orange crashing into Penelope. Kip checks on Penelope, and Chuck gets a small package on Miro. Miro, however, thrust kicks Chuck and locks in the Accolade for the submission win.

WINNERS: Miro & Kip Sabian

Marvez is backstage with Jericho and MJF and Santana & Ortiz. This Wednesday, there’s going to be some changes in this faction. They’re going to have an Inner Circle War Council. Max agrees that there needs to be a change and the two fist bump before Jericho calls Marvez an “idiot.”


Big Money Match

Matt Hardy vs. Hangman Page

Matt corners Hangman, but Page fires away at him before stomping a mudhole. Back suplex by Hangman. Fallaway slam by Hangman. He sizes Matt up for a Buckshot, but Matt bails. Brawl on the outside. Page stands on a railing and hits a double axe handle. He sends Matt back to the mat. Hardy bails again to recover. The two fight it out, but Matt sends Hangman’s arm into the post. He torques it around the cable of the post and turnbuckle. Hardy takes Hangman to the stage and wedges Adam’s hand between the stairs and the stage. Hardy kicks the stairs. Hardy continues to work the hand of Hangman in the ring. Knuckle lock and Hardy even bites the hand of Adam. Shoulder thrust by Matt before he continues to attack the hand he throws Hangman at the opposite corner. Hangman fires back with some shots. Page hits a right hand but holds it in pain. Matt goes for a side effect, but Hangman rolls him in a crucifix for a two count. DVD by Page. Two count. Page goes for the apron and he and Matt duke it out. The two trade places and Hangman leaps for a lariat and hits it, but Matt soon catches him with a Twist of Fate on the outside.

Hardy encourages the ten count. Page just barely answers the count and Hardy makes him pay by stomping him on his head. Sharp elbows to the back of the head by Hardy. Hangman fights back. Matt pulls Hangman out of the corner for a hard German. Hardy wrenches the neck of Hangman while standing, but Page punches back and the two collide with one another with two lariats. Spinning elbow by Page before the two spill to the outside. Page gets on the apron and climbs up top for his moonsault on the outside to Hardy. Page climbs up top when Hardy’s back in the ring for a crossbody: 1-2-nope.

Soon, Page hits a sliding lariat. He goes for a Dead Eye, but Matt hangs on to the rope. Neckbreaker by Hardy. Matt climbs for his leg drop, but Hangman sprawls up for a suplex attempt. Hardy however, hits a BT bomb. Two count. Hardy sizes Hangman up. He goes to kick Hangman, but Hangman fights and hits a Dead Eye. Then, both Private Party hop on the apron and that gets Hangman distracted. They’re buying time for Hardy. Hardy gets to his feet, but Hangman fights off. He levels both Private Party away before attempting a Buckshot. Hardy catches him with a Side Effect. Twist of Fate. Hangman kicks out!

Dark Order come out to level the playing field. Hardy knocks Hangman off the apron but Dark Order catch him and Page uses that momentum to hit his Buckshot Lariat to Hardy. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Hangman Page

Post-match. Hangman embraces the Dark Order members and Colt Cabana brings out the beers.


Face Of Evolution Ladder Match

Max Caster vs. Lance Archer (with Jake Roberts) vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Cody Rhodes (with Arn Anderson) vs. ???

Caster drops some mean rhymes that includes references to Lola Bunny and “blood on your hands” Andrew Cuomo. Lance Archer comes out and levels an audience member. Cody comes out before the mystery opponent reveals himself to be…Ethan Page.

Bell rings as Cody brawls with Lance and Page chokes at Sky. Caster and Penta brawl on the outside.  Archer holds court with the ladder before Penta nails him with a sling blade. Scorpio German suplexes Penta with the ladder. Jack Evans comes out with Caster’s boombox,  but 10 comes out and takes out Evans with a chokeslam. Cody and Page work on Archer before Page turns on Cody. Max levels folks with his boombox. Ladder is left leaning in the ring, and Penta runs up it for a top rope dive. Archer aims to do the same, but vaults himself to dropkick Penta off the apron. Page takes out Archer and slams the ladder on top of him. Page and Sky go at it and it’s Page who gives Sky a splash mountain bomb onto the ladder and therein, onto Archer. Page introduces another ladder into the mix. The ladder is on top of Archer but he powers himself up and it allows Penta to suplex Ethan off of it. Penta battles it with Cody on the apron which has a ladder bridged on that and the barricade. Penta nails a destroyer to Cody on the ladder. Wowsers. Medical team checks on Cody. Sky suplexs Page on the mats. Cody is being brought to the back. Sky pulls Caster off the ladder. Sky ascends as Max sets up  taller one beside him. They duke it out. Archer goes to attack both. Page gets up and the four men battle it up top. Archer falls off first. Scorpio has his hand on the brass ring after knocking everyone down, but Penta fights his way to him and takes Sky out. Both ladders still standing as Sky and Penta continue to battle on the rungs. Sky drives Penta down. Ethan Page shoves the smaller ladder to the center and he and Caster battle up top. Caster hits a sunset flip powerbomb, taking them both off the ladder. Sky sends Max into the center ladder. Sky slams Max on the ladder. He climbs up and hits a big time frog splash on Max!

Archer takes Sky out of the equation in a major way as he throws Sky through a ladder on the outside. Later on, Cody comes back out and takes it to Ethan. His weightlifting belt is a weapon. Cody aims to dive onto Ethan via the ladder but Lance leaps up and hits a suplex onto Cody. Max hits his Claim To Fame elbow from the top on Cody.

Caster set up the ladder. Penta punches away at Max Caster on the top of the ladder. Archer comes in and kicks the ladder over. Lance chokeslames Max, Cody and Penta all in succession. Hard forearm to Caster. Archer nails The Blackout on Caster on the ladder. Lance looks up at the ring as Archer sets up the ldder. He climbs, but Page comes from behind. Archer slugs Page and begins to climb again. Low blow by Paage, Archer gets hit with a Razor’s Edge. Jake comes in with a short arm clothesline that takes Ethan out. Penta superkicks Jake. Cody and Penta go at it.  A steel chair gets introduced. Sky cracks the ankle of Penta. It’s him and Cody climbing the ladder. The two duke it out. Sky yanks on the arm and shoves Cody off. Sky pulls off the brass ring and the bell rings.

WINNER: Scorpio Sky

Next up is the reveal of the “Hall of Fame worthy” talent and it’s….

Christian Cage. He walks out, grabs the clipboard from the podium and walks into the ring. He signs the contract, lays it down, unbuttons his jacket to reveal his “Outwork Everyone” shirt.


Street Fight

Sting & Darby Allin vs. Ricky Starks & Brian Cage

Taz joins on comentary. We cut from Daily’s Place to show Ricky Starks walk up to a green sportscar that Cage is driving. They drive to an undisclosed location. They enter a warehouse in an old looking ring. Camera cuts and Darby’s music hits. We see many masked hoodlums looking like Sting as Stig drives his way in a pick-up truck. Darby’s making his way on the skateboard and grabs hold of the back of Sting’s truck. Finally they arrive.

Bell rings and Sting throws Darby into Starks. Cage vaults Darby with a suplex, but then Cage attacks Sting with Starks. He then sends Darby hard into a steel post. He then slams Darby in the steel railing. Sting fights it out with Starks in the ring. He hits  Stinger splash. Snake eyes to Starks s we zoom over to Cge and Darby. Cge goes for a powerbomb, but Darby frees himself. Cage sends Darby head first into a wall before slamming him through a doorway. Sting hits a running clothesline on Starks that send him out of the ring. Starks limps away and Sting has his bat. He throws it at Ricky. Starks tells Sting he’s not the Icon and it causes Sting to toss the bat side. He beats down Ricky with his fists. He slams him against the wall.

We cut to Cage and Darby as Cage takes Darby up the stairwell. He walks Darby UP STEPS in a suplex position. Cge stomps Darby’s head on the floor. In comes Sting to fight y age. Darby hits  a shotgun dropkick. They double team  Cage but in comes Starks. He takes it to Sting with a big barrel. Starks kicks away at Stinger, but  it’s Sting who fights back and avoids a Cage attack. Darby headlocks Cage and Brian powers him off. Cage goes to Razor Edge Darby, but Sting sprays him with a fire extinguisher. They slam Cage through the table. Starks and Darby brawl it out. Darby scales a pillar and Coffin drops onto Ricky through a table. Suddenly,  orange masked man come sin and powerbombs Darby into the pillar. It’s Hobbs. Hook comes in to Judo throw Darby. Darby then gets vaulted through an errant window pane. Sting gets attacked nd looks in a bad way as Team Taz stalk him. Darby however, throws Sting the bat and takes it to Team Taz. Darby throws himself off the top floor of the warehouse onto Team Taz through several stories. Pretty wild. We see Sting and Starks back in the ring. Starks send Sting into an open turnbuckle after a Stinger Splash attempt. Starks spears Sting. He looks in control, but Sting catches him with a Scorpion Death Drop. 1-2-3. Sting wins in his AEW debut.

WINNERS: Sting and Darby Allin


AEW World Heavyweight Championship

Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch

Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega (c)

Ring is all laid out as Mox comes out in a studded leather jacket. Bryce Remsburg is in a flame retardant suit that looks very hazmatty.

Mox literally takes a shot of whiskey before introductions are made. Callis is on commentary. Bell rings and the explosions are armed. Two men slowly pace one another. They lock up and Kenny tries to force Mox’s face into the wire. Mox headbutts him. Two chop each other as Omega gets to a ground base. Headlock takedown by Kenny. He bites Mox and tries to send him in the barbed wire, but Mox stops himself. Same does Kenny. They both avoid close calls before resetting. Mox challenges Kenny to come at him and is fired up. They literally go head-to-head. The two trade jbs. Omega charges into the safe ropes, but Mox lariats him over. Mox begins to toss weapons into the ring before hitting Omega with a barbed wire bat. White Russian leg sweep with the bat on the stage to Omega.He hits him with a Kendo stick.

Kenny throws powders in the eyes of Mox as he goes for an attack before flinging him into the ropes that pop with explosion. He covers, 1-2-no.

Kenny assaults Moc with the weaponry. Atomic knee drop by Kenny onto the trash can. Omega chokes Mox with the kendo before hitting a bulldog onto the trash can. Mox is a bloody mess. He locks in a figure four. To escape, Mox grinds the barbed wire chair onto Kenny’s legs.

Kenny goes for a snap dragon but Mox escapes. He doesn’t escape getting tossed into the barbed wire board though. Again, Mox is really bloody. Kenny vaults on the rope for a moonsault and arrogant pin. Two count. Kenny continues the attack with the kendo. He goes for another figure four, but Mox shoves him into the barbed ropes and they explode. Mox then follows up with a shotgun dropkick into the ropes again and another explosion.

Shoulder capture suplex by Mox. Kenny tries to snap dragon suplex Mox through the other board, but both crash through it and Kenny’s arm is bloody. Mox goes for a Paradigm Shift onto the brbed wire chair, but Kenny frees himself. One Winged Angel attempt by Kenny and Mox sends him to the canvas with Kenny’s head hitting the bat. He then sidewalk slams Kenny onto the barbed chair. Mox takes the barbed wire and wraps it around his own arm. Kenny fights back, but Mox hits him with his other arm. He and Kenny battle, but Mox does hit him with his barbed wire arm.

Two men get to their feet but Kenny muscles Mox into the ropes and they explode. Kenny asks for water and Bryce obliges. Kenny rinses them out as Mox tries to recuperate. Mox my have lost a tooth. The two fight it out on the apron. Kenny gouges at the wound of Mox. He tries to throw him onto the C4 floor, but Mox bites him and knees Kenny. He nails a Paradigm Shift onto the boards and the explosiion occurs underneath the boards. Mox lies in the barbed wire as Kenny struggles on the outside. Mox is fighting through the major pain. He rips off the wire and spools it before gripping it tight. He sends Kenny back into the ring. Mox nails Kenny with the barbed wire. A horn goes off and we got a ten minute warning. Kenny’s face is bloody. Piledriver to Kenny. Two count.

Low blow and high stack powerbomb by Kenny. Two count. V-Trigger sends Mox to the corner. Another one. He hoists Mox up for the One-Winged Angel. Delayed cover. 1-2-Mox puts his leg on the ropes and the side of the ring explodes, breaking up the pin and blinding Kenny.In come the Good Brothers with barbed wire bats. Mox fights off, but Kenny hits him with a bat that explodes. He covers: 1-2-no!

Kenny is irate and tears at Bryce Remsburg’s suit. He picks Mox up for a One-Winged Angel and hits it. 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL AEW World Champion: Kenny Omega

Commentators note that the clock is still ticking on the explosives as The Good Brothers continue to assault Mox. Kenny grinds the barbed wire bat into the forehead of Mox further. More attacks with the bat as Kenny taunts the crowd. Let me say again, Mox it very bloody and busted. The countdown continues to tick with a minute left. Under a minute to go. Everyone leaves the ring except a busted up and now a handcuffed Mox. Out comes Eddie and he fights off the bad guys. He gets into the ring and as the clock ticks down he covers up Mox. The ring explodes and it looks underwhelming (like it didn’t go off correctly). Both Eddie and Mox are out  coldas officials come in to check on the two. Jerry Lynn is out there too. The show finishes off as officials tend to Mox and Eddie. JR signs us all off and the show ends.