Brian Myers Stole The Show Before It Started, Mark Sterling Shines In A Six-Man Bodyslam Challenge

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The Watch List takes a look at what matches you should be watching while you’re at home and they come recommended by your favorite professional wrestling stars. WrestleZone recently spoke with ‘The Most Professional Wrestler’ Brian Myers and ‘Smart’ Mark Sterling ahead of the official launch of the Major Pod Network.

Brian Myers appears weekly on IMPACT Wrestling and spent nearly twelve years over two stints with WWE, but says he wants to focus on his future. Pointing out his match with Josh Alexander at Hard To Kill, Myers said he’s proud of the match for setting the tone for the PPV that night.

“For me, I’m always like—you’re always growing, so for me to say ‘oh this match I had 2007…’ If I watched it back, I’d be cringing because I just feel like you’ve got to be evolving and getting better and better and better, so my most recent favorite match I’ve had was the Hard To Kill pre-show against Josh Alexander. You can very easily find it on IMPACT’s YouTube, and I was very proud of it. I’ve actually wrestled Josh a ton before in Canada and I’m excited to do it again on a bigger stage with him. He’s a workhorse and it’s fun to be in there with him, I thought we delivered, I thought we over-delivered. Personally, I feel like we stole the show even before it started, and it was fulfilling, so that’s me now. I want people to look at me now as a pro wrestler, I don’t want people to look at me in my ‘Edgehead’ run.

Mark said Myers and Matt Cardona’s WrestleMania 35 match [as Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder] is still a good one to watch, but Myers waved it off because in the past and he’s “full steam ahead” at looking forward to his future.

Sterling said you could look at his AEW Dynamite appearances as MJF’s lawyer to get a good sense of the character work he’s doing, but also recommended some of his independent work in Beyond as one that he’s very proud of. For one night only, Beyond Wrestling rebranded as ‘BCW’ and it featured Sterling’s pick, a Bodyslam Challenge that turned into a six-man tag team match.

“If you really just want to look at me and understand what my character is and what I’m doing now, you can see that [Jon Moxley match on AEW Dynamite]. I have a lot of matches on Beyond, like here’s a fun one—‘Smart’ Mark Sterling versus Puf in a Bodyslam Challenge for Beyond Championship Wrestling. It’s on YouTube, it ends up being a [six-man tag]. Alex Reynolds is in it, Danny Garcia is in it—he was just on NXT—it’s a phenomenal match, super fun and I’m very proud of it, so check that out.”

Myers appreciated the plug from Sterling about the WrestleMania match, so he also suggested a very unique match—a gender reveal match that took place at his Create-A-Pro school on Long Island.

“Since Mark tooted my horn, I’ll toot his—he was in the most innovative wrestling match in the past 50 years. At Create-A-Pro, he did a ‘Gender Reveal Match’, which I think is the most unbelievably cool—I hope this match takes off and people contact Create-A-Pro because we will provide this service to you. It was Mark Sterling against Kris Statlander, man versus woman with the actual parents in the crowd, friends and family, and nobody knows who is really winning this match [and the baby’s gender] until it happens. I just think of all the excitement over each false finish as it’s going and how real a rollup becomes, so I always thought that was so cool.”

Mark added:

“For a brief period of time, me and Kris Statlander were the only people on the planet Earth that knew, besides the doctor of the baby, that knew until the finish happened. Then everybody erupted with surprise and delight.”

Stay tuned for our full interview with Brian Myers and Mark Sterling next week; you can also check out some full-length matches from Myers’ and Sterling’s respective careers career below:

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Brian Myers vs. Josh Alexander 

IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill — January 16, 2021

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