Sam Adonis Tore The House Down With Brian Cage, Takes Pride In Being A Throwback Wrestler

sam adonis

The Watch List takes a look at what matches you should be watching while you’re at home and they come recommended by your favorite professional wrestling stars. WrestleZone recently spoke with Sam Adonis, who picked a recent match with Brian Cage as one that stood out because it was a perfect blend of styles and a good connection between the two hybrid-style wrestlers.

“I actually had a match in August with Brian Cage in Texas that was fantastic. I was really proud of that, and finally being able to work with Brian Cage after all of this time, I would say we tore the house down. I really loved sharing a ring with him and it was one of those special nights where everything was in our favor,” Adonis explained.

“Brian’s very similar to myself as far as knowing a little bit of everything. For a guy his size and as powerful as he is, he’s still one of the most agile wrestlers on the planet. We definitely had great chemistry and we put it all together. I was able to bring some of my technical skills plus my Lucha, my brawling [skills]. We had a really good connection that night and I think that’d be one that people would like to check out. What I always try to explain to people is, I like my style to be like, ‘Oh, that guy reminds me of somebody I used to watch.’ I like that throwback whether it’s the ‘80s or the ‘90s, or ECW or Japanese style, I want people to see me and say that guy is like the wrestlers we used to watch. That’s something I’ve always prided myself on and I think a lot of people know me for those reasons.”

Check out some full-length matches from Sam Adonis’ career below; our list includes the match with Cage as well as a few others from his recent work on the independent scene:

Will Hobbs vs. Sam Adonis

APW Killer Whale — February 1, 2019

LA Park vs. Sam Adonis

Nueva Era Lucha Productions — July 13, 2019

Brian Cage vs. Sam Adonis

Independent Wrestling Expo — August 29, 2020

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