Kiera Hogan Wants To Use Hernandez’s Money To Re-Open The Rascalz Treehouse

Kiera Hogan is looking to get into the real estate game.

Hogan recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard after learning she and Tasha Steelz would be facing Havok and Nevaeh at IMPACT Hard To Kill for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Hogan and Steelz earned their way into the finals after beating Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary in December.

When they aren’t picking up wins on their way to tag team gold, Hogan and Steelz have been busy making moves trying to secure Hernandez’s roll of money. Currently held by Johnny Swinger, Hogan says they did have the money for a brief time and actually want to re-open the Rascalz Treehouse. The Rascalz left IMPACT in December and the property has sat dormant since then, but Hogan says she and Steelz have plenty of ideas to use it once more.

“So we were actually talking about what we were going to do with the money and me and Tasha said we were going to buy some clothes, we’re going to buy some cars. But I was actually thinking, you know, that the Rascalz left a piece of property wide open. The Treehouse is now free for anybody to use, and nobody has been there. So me and Tasha were thinking that we should use this money to buy the Treehouse. And that’s honestly what our plan was,” Hogan said. “We were going to buy the Treehouse and turn it into our own house, our own championship room, like VIP. We were going to make it our own space, but Tasha was being a little sneaky-sneak,” Kiera explained, “I don’t know if she was trying to hold out on me or what, but that was our plan. I know [Johnny] Swinger has the money now, but who is to say that he’s going to have that money forever? Who is to say that we won’t get that money back and then our plan will be in full effect. It’s a whole new year, and we’ve got a whole new plan.”

Kiera added:

“We have a whole new idea about this property. We literally have so many ideas about the Treehouse and what we actually want to do with it. We’re going to rename it, we’re going to redesign it, we might have a few guests,” Hogan explained, “or we might not. Who knows? We ain’t friends with everybody, but we’ll see.”

Check out our full interview at the top of this post; Kiera also talks about flying under the radar in the Knockouts Tag Team title tournament, wanting to face Jazz and Jordynne Grace and much more!

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