Tasha Steelz Wants To Create History With Knockouts Tag Title Win, Explains Her Hustle Mentality

Tasha Steelz

IMPACT Wrestling’s Tasha Steelz recently appeared on Women’s Wrestling Talk, where she discussed her goal of winning the Knockouts Tag Team Championship, her friendship with Kiera Hogan, and more.

On her hustle mentality:

Steelz: “I just like this is the start of the race. Most people when they get signed they feel like, they can take a breather, I’m signed, and I’m here. To me, it’s still like the start of the race, to me, because I haven’t accomplished everything that I need to accomplish. So, it’s like the gun has gone off and now I’m in the race. So it’s like, ok I’m still going, there are a lot of things I need to do. Just because I’m signed doesn’t mean it’s over for me, like I have still so much to accomplish. It’s been great because I had my buzz up there, you know being on the indie scene and doing stuff for Ring of Honor and doing stuff for NWA, around the same time I was getting something offered from NXT that I wasn’t really agreeing with. So I had just been showing up to IMPACT tapings. Where ever they were, that I can get to, I had just been showing up. And that kinda, like how my hustle mentality is. A lot of people want to send emails, but I just like to show up. Because it’s better for them to see your face and you market in person then just send an email.”

On what it will take to become tag team champions:

Steelz: “We just have to stay focus and that is what we have been doing. We have been staying focus and just outshining the competition. Not to say it’s easy, it’s not easy, because everyone brings their own style in every different way. You know, everyone is just so tough, we have tough competitors but we have just been keeping ourselves mentally and physically focused. We have been working out ten times harder.”

On who she would like to add to her faction:

Steelz: “I think we had this in our mind already. It would be me, Kiera, Diamante, Big Swole”

On what having the Knockouts Tag Team Championship will mean:

Steelz: “We are going to show the world why we deserve it and I believe we will be the first African American tag team in IMPACT to be tag team champions. That would be great for us, we will be creating a new history. ”

Women’s Wrestling Talk is available on YouTube and Anchor.

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