Update On Pat McAfee’s NXT Status, SmackDown’s Top 10 Shocking Moments Of 2020

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Update On Pat McAfee’s NXT Status

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Pat McAfee is expected to be off of NXT TV for ‘awhile’.

The decision was reportedly made by WWE and had nothing to do with Pat McAfee and his availability. Officials would rather expose McAfee in smaller doses so that the show isn’t relying on him week in and week out. The backstage understanding is that Pat will return sometime this spring. The feelings about him backstage remain very positive, with some thinking he should even be on RAW or SmackDown as they feel this would lead to even more media attention.

What would you like to see McAfee do next upon his return? Comment below and let us know.

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SmackDown’s Top 10 Shocking Moments Of 2020

WWE Friday Night SmackDown is the most watched professional wrestling show in the world. A new episode of ‘WWE Top 10’ was posted today that highlights the most shocking moments that happened on the show in 2020.

Take a look below to see which moments made the list. What was the most shocking moment for you on SmackDown in 2020?