‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Impressed By Pat McAfee, Gives Him An ‘A’ Grade

Steve Austin

Photo Credit: WWE

WWE legend ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin was recently a guest on ESPN’s Monday Tailgate, where the superstar spoke about a variety of topics, including Pat McAfee and his recent run on NXT. In the discussion, Austin praised McAfee’s appearances on the show, saying he was quite impressed by how things have gone. 

When asked about how he thinks McAfee has been, Austin said that he’s been impressed by what McAfee has done. “He puts it all on the line,” he said. “He’s going for it. Basically, I think his verbal skills, he’s slaying everybody.” Austin went on to say that he loves how McAfee isn’t afraid to go out and do whatever is necessary to put on a great show, and that you wouldn’t expect something like that from someone who kicks the football. Despite the teasing, Austin said that McAfee has been a “badass,” and that he would give him a “solid ‘A’” as far as grades go. 

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