Rob Van Dam Enjoying The Positive Response To RVDCBD And ‘Headstrong’, Comments On Current Wrestling Status

Rob Van Dam has that innate ability to convey star power and to not give a damn all at the same time. However, his recent documentary venture in 2019’s Headstrong, Mr. Monday Night found several unique ways to help people and Rob’s been making the most of those opportunities. He sat down with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo and the two talked about that documentary creating a great deal of awareness for concussions, CTE concerns and overall mental wellness in the wrestling world.

“It always going to be something that I’m interested in getting out there because it helps people and it really helped set the direction of my path. It put me towards wanting to do whatever I can to help with all kinds of mental health.”

Talk and feedback from Headstrong pointed him in the direction of developing his new CBD Company, RVDCBD.

“I started looking into CBDs, and what’s funny is I didn’t mention marijuana one time. There’s not one mention in the whole movie of Headstrong. People don’t realize that cause I’m me. I even have people describe ‘Yeah, he does stand-up comedy and he’s smoking weed,’ and all this. It wasn’t relevant to that story, but it became relevant when I started really looking into some possible cures for some symptoms and preventative measures and looking into not just the THC that everyone has known about for years and years (Author’s Note: THC is the element that gets you the marijuana high), but CBD which is in the same plant. And since we’ve never been allowed to study it, we’ve never been allowed to look at it and now so this is all new, so it made me start my own CBD company, which RVDCBD feedback is ten times as good as Headstrong. They’re like, ‘Rob, I’ve tried all these other CBD products and this shit didn’t work and yours is the only one that really works,’ which is by intention. I didn’t want to make the same shit as everyone else so my pain cream, in particular, is the best on the market.”

“I’ve never been a part of anything so positive as Headstrong and RVDCBD,” Rob added, mentioning that is motivating him to get the documentary cameras rolling again. “I’m definitely looking at putting a sequel out of Headstrong and getting into my adventures of into the CBD and the cannabis industry as well as you know, wherever my path takes me.”

While RVD is currently enjoying his success with his RVDCBD line, he’s also enjoying being at home right now. Noting that he and longtime partner Katie Forbes are “pretty much quarantining” right now, RVD said he doesn’t really miss the travel aspects of the wrestling business and has it pretty good.

Rob’s last run with IMPACT Wrestling ended in September, and although some believed his contract expired, he was only working under a per-show agreement. WrestleZone originally reported that RVD met his commitment to IMPACT Wrestling and had no further obligations to the company.

After initially re-signing with IMPACT in April 2019, RVD told WrestleZone that he’d agree to dates on a taping-by-taping basis, adding that he was in regular communication with IMPACT’s Scott D’Amore and they map things out as they go, adding that he’s glad IMPACT still thinks he’s worth investing their time in. Despite not currently appearing on IMPACT TV, RVD offered praise to the company for taking care of him and treating him fairly.

“Both runs that I had with them have been super cool. They’ve been very gracious to cater to whatever for me and part of that was in this last run that I had with them. I didn’t do any long-term contract, but Scott would give me some dates and I would never know if these were going to be the only dates I work. I work a few dates here and there, mostly overseas for the last several years cause I’m not really priced to move every week and I don’t wanna go every fuckin’ weekend, you know? And they’ve just been super cool. Me and Scott D’Amore made the agreement, and it was after that that they brought Katie in, which is super cool, and that made it way easier for me because leaving home is usually what sucks most about the job.”

“They’ve always been very cool,” he said. “Even that first run from when I was there from 2010 to 2012, they were super cool to me and just treat me with respect.”

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