Rob Van Dam Comments On IMPACT Wrestling Status, Has No Current Obligations To The Company

Rob Van Dam has honored his commitment to IMPACT Wrestling and has no further obligations to the company.

WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo reached out to RVD for clarification on his status after it was noted that both RVD and Katie Forbes, RVD’s girlfriend and on-air partner, were not featured on the IMPACT Wrestling roster page. RVD told DeAngelo that there haven’t been any big changes on his end and as of that moment he had no current obligations with the company.

At the time of our inquiry, RVD was still believed to be on a per-night agreement with IMPACT, something he also mentioned in a recent interview with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard. After initially re-signing with IMPACT in April 2019, RVD said he’d agree to dates on a taping-by-taping basis, adding that he was having fun right now and we’d have to wait and see exactly how long the ‘moment’ lasts. When asked if he could clarify his contract status at the ‘moment’, Van Dam said he’s taking it on a show-by-show basis right now. RVD said he’s been in regular communication with IMPACT’s Scott D’Amore and they map things out as they go, adding that he’s glad IMPACT still thinks he’s worth investing their time in.

“Once a month I might have a two day trip of tapings, sometimes it’s longer. I don’t really have time to be burnt out anymore,” RVD said. “I can’t really complain about being on the road so I’m there for the moment. I don’t know how long the moment will last but you’re right, being in the moment is more fun than it has been.”

RVD and Forbes have been feuding with Sami Callihan in recent weeks, but that looks to be finished as Callihan ended up piledriving Forbes in the center of the ring after RVD was laid out at ringside.

Update: is now reporting that both Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes have departed the company, according to confirmation by multiple sources within the company. According to the report, their departure is just a result of their current storyline ending and the door is open for both to return in the future.

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