Daniel Bryan Gets A Haircut, Beats Jey Uso In Rematch

daniel bryan

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Daniel Bryan was the victim of a brutal assault at the hands of Jey Uso a few weeks ago, and during tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, he was finally able to get his revenge. In a match against Uso to close out the night, Bryan – who was sporting a new haircut – was able to take down Uso, delivering a huge defeat to him ahead of the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view.

In a match that saw both superstars go at it from the start, it was Bryan that was able to get the momentum on his side. Late in the match, Bryan dropped Uso with an avalanche back suplex, and then began landing a series of kicks to Uso. After nearly pinning Uso, Bryan continued his assault, but was hit with a huge superkick after missing a flying knee on Uso. After getting kicked twice more, Bryan somehow managed to get his knees up as Uso went for the Uso Splash. With Uso hurt, Bryan was able to quickly hook his legs and pin him for the win.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

As soon as the bell rings, Bryan attacks Uso. Uso sends Bryan into the ropes. Bryan leaps over Uso and lands a few stiff kicks. Bryan takes down Uso and lands a few crossfaces. Bryan lays into Uso with strike after strike. Uso floors Bryan with a running back elbow. Uso clears the announce desk but Bryan attacks from behind. Bryan sends Uso back into the ring. Top rope dropkick by Bryan. Uso and Bryan trade strikes. Bryan back body drops Uso over the top rope. Suicide dive by Bryan. Uso surprise Bryan with back body through the announce table. After the break, Uso is working over Bryan. Bryan tries to go up top but Uso cuts him off. Uso lands a superplex.

Bryan kicks out at two.  Uso tries a Samoan drop but Bryan turns it into a pin. Uso kicks out. Bryan almost rolls Uso into the Yes Lock. Uso escapes and unloads on Bryan’s injured back. Uso goes up top. Bryan cuts him off. Bryan lands an avalanche back suplex. Bryan fires up. Bryan lands the yes kicks. Uso kicks out. Bryan traps Uso’s arms while stomping on his face. Bryan calls for the flying knee. Uso drops Bryan with a superkick. Uso lands two more superkicks. Uso attempts the Uso Splash. Bryan gets his knees up. Bryan hooks Uso’s leg and pins him.

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