WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (11/20/20)

Friday Night Smackdown ResultsWWE Friday Night SmackDown Results

November 20, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Backstage, The Street Profits talk about how The Undertaker’s final farewell will be at Survivor Series. The lights dim and someone says “rest in peace”. It’s Big E wearing a sombrero. Ford asks why he is wearing that. Big E says that’s all they had in props. Big E says New Day is going to whip them at Survivor Series. Dawkins says they are going to knock Kingston’s Jamaican accent back. Big E tells Ford and Dawkins The New Day is here tonight. Big E does his classic New Day Entrance announcement. Back in the arena, Kingston and Woods walk to the ring.

In-Ring Segment: The New Day

Woods says they had to bless SmackDown one more time. They are two days away from Survivor Series and they have they will b beating the Street Profits Sunday. Woods and Kingston do a sit-up tribute for the Undertaker. Sami Zayn interrupts and says The Undertaker is only retiring because Zayn owes him a receipt and Taker is scared of him. WWE Managment is trying to protect Taker just like they are trying to protect Bobby Lashley. Zayn is going to prove the Intercontinental Championship is better. Zayn tells New Day that if they want to celebrate someone, they should be celebrating him. Kingston says they can say something nice about Zayn. Woods tells Zayn he looks like a recently divorced dad who just put down a down payment on a one-bedroom apartment.

King Corbin walks down to the ring and yells that New Day doesn’t belong on SmackDown. Woods tells Corbin that his crown looks good but it will look better on him. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode also join the party. Ziggler says New Day cheated them out of their tag title opportunity. Roode says they deserve a tag title shot. Kingston says they can give them a shot… but… Woods adds maybe the other two guys in the ring may be a better team than Ziggler and Roode. Corbin and Zayn both say they aren’t interested but if they were they would totally beat Ziggler and Roode. Woods suggest they fight and the winner gets a shot at the RAW tag titles. Roode and Ziggler attack New Day. The Street Profits hit the ring and make the save. Ford flattens all the heels after a dive to the outside.

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