Jeff Hardy: ‘This Is My Last Chance To Get It Right’

jeff hardy

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE’s Jeff Hardy recently sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to discuss a myriad of topics ranging from his sobriety to bringing ‘Willow’ into WWE. Check out the highlights below.

On getting his career back on track:

Since my early 20s, it’s been a roller-coaster ride with addiction and alcoholism. I’ve had sober runs, doing good for a while, but then I’d always go back. Now I hope I’m done with that. As long as I stay on the straight and narrow, the sky is the limit. For me, admitting on TV that I’m an alcoholic has been empowering. It helps me remind myself of how bad it can be if I go back to that way of life. I am blessed to do this, and I want to help people that have struggled like me. I hope I can be an example for people going through recovery.

On his goals during this final WWE run:

Between now and the year 2024, I want to be WWE Champion and Universal Champion, one time apiece, and main event WrestleMania one of those years. That’s the goal I just set for myself. Faith over fear, everything will be good. I want Willow to have something to do with ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt, though what that is, I’m not sure yet. That’s one of the struggles right now inside my head. I’m thinking that Willow is stuck in a little black-and-white TV of the Twilight Zone in The Firefly Fun House. Maybe The Fiend beats Jeff Hardy, and that’s why I transform into Willow. It’s cool that pro wrestling allows all this creativity to exist. For me, it’s always been where my dreams come true, and it still is to this day.

On his match with Elias at Hell In A Cell:

The focus will be on the cage matches, so it’s very challenging, but in a good way. I’ve only shared this with my wife so far, but I am going to do something different with my face paint at Hell in a Cell. I had this vision of this image of a few guitars painted on my face. He’s a musician, I’m a musician, so I want to paint a few guitars on my painted face. We are going to do some cool stuff out there. That song ‘Amen’ was so cool. It got me thinking. Raw is three hours every week, and everyone wants a spot on TV to be showcased, but there has to be a little time for me and Elias to have a ‘Battle of the Bands’. I’ll get my guys in from Nashville, Ohio, and Carolina, and we’ll each do three songs. The universe can decide who they like better.

You can read the entire interview here. What do you think about Hardy’s goals for the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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